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Space Shooter is an original 2D space shooting game.

It's simple, just shoot anything that moves or shoots back.


Destroy the Enemies


 * Hold Wii Remote Sideways.
 * Move with directional pad
 * 2 Button - Fire
 * 1 Button - Turn
 * Home Button - Main Menu

Technical Details:

 * 4 levels of 2D space shooter action

Easter Eggs!

 * Survive all four levels and see the hidden easter egg

Interesting Things in the Source

 * See BibLib/BibSound.cpp class for a simple sound mixing class.
 * See BibLib/BibWiiInputDevice.cpp for a nice wrapper on the Wii Remote functions
 * See BibLib/BibFrameRate.cpp for a way to get the timing required for sprite animation and Frames-Per-Second calculations.

Binary For Homebrew Channel

File:SpaceShooter-Wii-Binary-0 2 .zip


File:SpaceShooter-Wii-Source-0 2 .zip