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The current progress of Wii socket functions. If you're looking for more specific details, see Socket.


In Progress


Request number Name Progress
0x1 SOAccept Complete
0x2 SOBind Complete
0x3 SOClose Complete
0x4 SOConnect Complete
0x5 SOFcntl Complete
0x6 SOGetPeerName In Progress
0x7 SOGetSockName In Progress
0x8 SOGetSockOpt In Progress
0x9 SOSetSockOpt Complete
0xA SOListen Complete
0xB SOPoll Undetermined
0xC SORecvFrom Complete
0xD SOSendTo Complete
0xE SOShutdown Undetermined
0xF SOSocket Complete
0x10 SOGetHostId Complete
0x11 SOGetHostByName Complete
0x12 SOGetHostByAddr Undetermined
0x13 SOGetNameInfo Undetermined
0x15 SOInetAtoN Not trough IOS
0x16 SOInetPtoN Undetermined
0x17 SOInetNtoP Undetermined
0x18 SOGetAddrInfo Undetermined
0x19 SOSockAtMark Undetermined
0x1C SOGetInterfaceOpt Undetermined
0x1D SOSetInterfaceOpt Undetermined
0x1E SOSetInterface Undetermined
0x1F SOStartup In Progress
0x30 ICMPSocket Undetermined
0x31 ICMPPing Undetermined
0x32 ICMPCancel Undetermined
0x33 ICMPClose Undetermined