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Snake for Wii BY Uschghost -

Desktopman -> I took his code for the MOD Playback from his legendery Wii-tetris.

3 fat guitars -> whoever made this -

MadCatMk2 -> ascii-art

This is just a simple Snake game for the Nintendo Wii.

User guide

Run the included ELF with your favorite method to boot homebrew (Twilight hack, trucha, or in the future homebrew channel)

After the ELF is loaded press any button and the game will start. Control the snake with the D-pad on a GameCube Controller.



The Game may has some bugs I´ll try to fix them in later versions ....maybe =P

Todo....maybe =P

  • Fix bugs.
  • Adjustable snake speed.


March 26. 08 - v0.4

  • Added Pausebutton
  • Added splash to gameover screen
  • released source

March 26. 08 - v0.3

  • You can now restart the game without jumping back to the ELF loader.
  • Added a titlescreen.
  • Added Analogstick/C-sick controls.
  • Added a rumble signal when you eat an apple.
  • Press Z at anytime to return to ELF loader.
  • General Bugfixing

March 26. 08 - v0.2

  • Added sound = thx to "" for the mod and azeazezar for finding it.

March 25. 08 - v0.1

  • Initial release.


The music can be found here [1]


File:Capture 25032008 005320.jpg


Current Best: Ricky715 at 76 apples


Old Best: SoraK05 at 53 apples

File:SoraK05 Snake Highscore 25-03-08 0254.jpg