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| image      =  
| image      =  
| type        = pc utility
| type        = pc utility
| author      = {u|henke37}} with initial code by {{u|dasda}}  
| author      = {{u|henke37}} with initial code by {{u|dasda}}  
| download    = Media:SendElf installer.zip
| download    = Media:SendElf installer.zip

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Author(s)henke37 with initial code by dasda
TypePC utility
[Media:SendElf installer.zip Download]

Graphical client that sends files over TCP from windows computers to Wii consoles. May require the .NET framework and does require the visual studio runtime.

Mainly for the Homebrew Channel, but still works with the the standalone server by Svpe.

Usage instructions

  1. Start the server on the Wii, that is start either the standalone server or the Homebrew channel
  2. Unzip and run
  3. Select file to send
  4. Enter the IP address of the Wii
  5. Make sure that the correct protocol is selected
  6. Change the port if needed (most likely from using the client for the other protocol previously)
    • The standalone server uses port 8080
    • The Homebrew Channel uses port 4299
  7. Enter any arguments if needed
  8. Hit the send button

Or just double click on an elf or dol file, it will be sent directly to the last used IP address. No, it does not crash if you hasn't set the IP address yet.

Full feature list

  • Works with both the standalone server and the Homebrew channel
  • Works with both elf and DOL files
  • Saves the used settings in the Windows registry so that you don't need to change them at each start
  • Is extremely tiny, partly thanks to the release being UPX packed, but also from directly using the Win32 API
  • Supports drag and drop of files onto the main window.
  • Does basic sanity checks to prevent the most obvious user errors like forgetting to select a file.


V 4 has working args sending, an installer and associates with the files for even easier sending. This is the final version by henke37, but he is looking for someone to continue development for him.