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This is a wii-linux distribution that includes the emulator SDLMAME 0.125 compiled for PowerPC. This emulator is the result of the efforts of the MAME team MAME. The source code that was used for this distro was taken from the SDLMame project, kept updated by Olivier Galibert and R. Belmont, and with the colaborationcon of Sven Gothel, couriersud and Vas Crabb.


SDL MAME 0.125


NOTE: Can someone please confirm it if they actually get this to work soon? Stalkid64 NOTE#2: If this is not confirmed as working within the next few hours I will remove it. Stalkid64

How to use

To install this version of SDLMame:

- Copy the files "boot.elf" and "mamefs-fs" to the root directory of your SD card.

- Copy the directory "mame" and its contents to the root directory of your SD card.

- Create a directory called "mameroms" on the root of your SD card.

To play with this game:

- Insert the SD card in the front SD adapter of your Wii.

- On your Wii, execute the file "boot.elf" using your favourite method for loading applications (Twilight hack or homebrew channel).

Known Problems

- Loading times VERY HIGH:

- For small roms (2-4MB, CPS1) can take 3-5 minutes to load.

- For large roms (13-20MB, CPS2, NEOGEO) It can take 30-60 minutes to load.

After the loading part, it plays at normal speed (85-90% of original speed without frameskip and without lags).

- No keyboard or Wii joystick support

- Problems using TV in 480p or rgb components