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VersionPenultimate Version

Follow me on Twitter, @mtamermahoney! You can contact me on the Wiibrew and WiiRD forums, I am TheRTM.

What This Does

This is an application that makes the Wiimotes rumble. When you press +, the Wiimotes rumble, and when you press -, the Wiimotes stop rumbling. On the first Wiimote, press B to make all the remotes rumble, and A to stop all the rumbling.

What This Is Going to Do

  • Support 4 Wiimotes Now Supports 4 Wiimotes!
  • One button to rumble all remotes Press B to rumble all Wiimotes!
  • Have a GUI (Working on it!)

Release Notes

Penultimate Version

Now has an icon.png! YAY!
Now can reset my line variable, just for fun. HINT: Press 2

Release Candidate 3 r3

Finally solved ALL text placement problems!

Release Candidate 3 r2

A LOT more verbose now.

Release Candidate 3

Slightly changed controls for all rumble on and off.
Can now exit from all Wiimotes.

Release Candidate 2 r5

Recompiled again.

Release Candidate 2 r4

Recompiled using latest devkitPro or whatever.

Release Candidate 2 r3

Changing text placement stuff again.

Release Candidate 2 r2

Recompiled changing text placement stuff.


If you need help or want to report a bug, please email me at wiisupport[at]tamermahoney[dot]com.
This email might change because of spam and other stuff.

Other version

Wiibration is a mod of rumbler by Safirion with a new interface in French and support for Gamecube controllers.


Rumbler is my 2nd homebrew application, and I have decided to share it with the world. I hope people adapt my code and use it on their own projects. I didn't find an example as simple as this when I was trying to figure out how to make the Wiimote rumble.