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VersionRelease Candidate 2 r4

Sorry this hasn't been updated in a while. I messed up my Windows install while making a Hackintosh, I have been prepping for and have now taken a test to get in to some schools, and I have just had no time until around now. I now have my dev environment up and running on OS X, and may update this soon with a 1.0 final build. Now things will get moving again. Follow me on Twitter, @mtamermahoney!

What This Does

This is an application that makes the Wiimotes rumble. When you press +, the Wiimotes rumble, and when you press -, the Wiimotes stop rumbling. On the first Wiimote, press B to make all the remotes rumble, and A to stop all the rumbling.

What This Is Going to Do

  • Support 4 Wiimotes Now Supports 4 Wiimotes!
  • One button to rumble all remotes Press B to rumble all Wiimotes!
  • Have a GUI (Working on it!)
  • Have an actual website


I am working on a website based off the Limera1n website. It is almost finished, and am just working on one small graphics problem. The graphics problem has been fixed. The website is now up, but the download links will stay for a little while more.

Release Notes

Release Candidate 2 r4

Recompiled using latest devkitPro or whatever.

Release Candidate 2 r3

Changing text placement stuff again.

Release Candidate 2 r2

Recompiled changing text placement stuff.


If you need help or want to report a bug, please email me at wiisupport[at]tamermahoney[dot]com.
This email might change because of spam and other stuff.


Rumbler is my 2nd homebrew application, and I have decided to share it with the world. I hope people adapt my code and use it on their own projects. I didn't find an example as simple as this when I was trying to figure out how to make the Wiimote rumble.