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Port of the classic game Rick Dangerous from the famous company Core Design (behin Tomb Raiders). Instead of a pure port enjoy an update version of this fantastic game including new gfx, musics, special effects and totally new intro and final ending sequences !

We really hope that you will enjoy our work and finally we will get some feedbacks ;-).


Button Action
Wiimote D-Pad Press down to crawl
Wiimote D-Pad or Wiimote 2 Button Press up or 2 to jump
Wiimote D-Pad + Wiimote 1 Button Press up and 1 to fire
Wiimote D-Pad + Wiimote 1 Button Press forward and 1 to stunt enemies
Wiimote D-Pad + Wiimote 1 Button Press down and 1 to pose a bomb



  • First release !
  • Complete


  • Greetings go to Cyb :-)