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TypeOther game
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
Wiimote1.svg Nunchuck alternative.svg Loads files from SDHC cards in the Front SD slot

RaveWild is a mix between a top-down shooter, a tower defense game (kinda), and a real-time strategy. You create three different units to protect you as invaders pour in at an increasing rate. Your job is to survive as long as you can. This is an alpha build, so be sure to give me constructive feedback so I can improve on it.


  • Select and control different units using the Wiimote pointer.
  • Watch AI-controlled units engage in combat against invaders!
  • Units level up as they defeat invaders, growing stronger in the process.
  • Select from three different units: Fighter, Sniper, and the immobile-but-durable Turret.
  • Move your character around, command selected units to follow you as a defense or order them to assault their targets!
  • My first homebrew game! That's always a nice extra on top. ^^


B Button: Hold down and drag to select units.

A Button: Order units to move towards a designated spot/Select an invader to attack.

Analog Stick: Move your character around the screen.

- Button: Create units to defend you, positioned where your pointer currently is.

Left/Right on Pad: Cycle through and select which unit you want to create.

1 Button: Order selected units to attack.

2 Button: Order selected units to defend.

Home: Return to the menu if in-game, exit the game if at the menu.

Z or C + Shake: Generate a barrier around you. This will heal ally units within the radius and negate enemy bullets.



     Discovered that your applications are added to the Homebrew Browser without warning. DevelopmentEffort ++
     Added some 8-bit sound effects.
     Fixed certain variables not being reset when a game is restarting.
     You can adjust the width and height gaps in the Options menu, to help with any overscan.
     Added shield element: hold either the Z or C on the nunchuk and shake to generate a unit-healing, enemy-bullet-negating barrier.


     Initial Release.

Known Issues

  • "How to Play" not implemented yet.
  • Bullet collision detection can be a bit eyebrow raising at times.
  • Apparently, there's some selection irks that I've just noticed.
  • High score saving and loading volatile in action. I plan to switch to XML for saving these in the next update.