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TypeArcade, Strategy
[Coming Soon Download]
Wiimote1.svg Nunchuck alternative.svg Loads files from SDHC cards in the Front SD slot

RaveWild is a mix between a top-down shooter, a tower defense game (kinda), and a real-time strategy. You create three different units to protect you as invaders pour in at an increasing rate. Your job is to survive as long as you can.


  • Select and control different units using the Wiimote pointer.
  • Watch AI-controlled units engage in combat against invaders!
  • Units level up as they defeat invaders, growing stronger in the process.
  • Select from three different units: Fighter, Sniper, and the immobile-but-durable Turret.
  • Move your character around, command selected units to follow you as a defense or order them to assault their targets!
  • My first homebrew game! That's always a nice extra on top. ^^


B Button: Hold down and drag to select units.

A Button: Order units to move towards a designated spot/Select an invader to attack.

Analog Stick: Move your character around the screen.

- Button: Create units to defend you, positioned where your pointer currently is.

Left/Right on Pad: Cycle through and select which unit you want to create.

1 Button: Order selected units to attack.

2 Button: Order selected units to defend.

Home: Return to the menu if in-game, exit the game if at the menu.


I'll have the game ready for download as soon as I make the icon and meta.xml. Stay tuned!