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A Gameboy/Gameboy Color Emulator for Wii


  • Creator: Mirakichi
  • Official website: Rin Wii
  • Accessories needed: GameCube controller, SD card
  • Best PAL mode: 480i
  • Button to return to loader: N/A
  • Usable Loaders: Twilight Hack, Front SD ELF Loader
  • Installation for Zelda Chainloader: Install as usual
  • Software type: Emulation
  • You may put the roms anywhere on the SD card
  • When you load the emulator browse through the SD card to find your rom and push "A"


  • L=return to rom loading menu
  • Z=Select Button



Author : nullEX
Accesoire needed : Wiimote
Usable Loaders: Twilight Hack, Front SD ELF Loader
Press 1&2 button to syncronize Wiimote


Games can now be saved to the FrontSD, A RINSAVE folder is automaticaly made on the root of the SDCard when you save the SRAM.(press L_trigger to get to menu)
Screen size option. x2/x3 menu sizes.
Background boarder option.
Roms can be zipped now.


Unofficial Version that supports the Wiimote

Unofficial Reboot version has a reboot option

Download bin

Download source

Known Issues

No way to reload SD\go back to sdlauncher
No option for reload elf loader