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Release Notes

Piko GX 0.06

  • Gamecube controller enabled, no default bindings.
  • Classic controller enabled, no default bindings.
  • Improved controller input detection.
  • Configurations will be saved.
  • Input code clean up.
  • Bug fixes.

Piko GX 0.05

  • Fixed compatibility bugs with libogc 1.7.*.
  • TCP Client enabled, thanks Q1Rev.
  • Better nun chuck controls.
  • Shouldn't need nun chuck reattached to be detected.
  • Removed old file system access methods.
  • Bug fixes.


(GX 1.00)

  • Loading id1 data from USB drive, or DVD.
  • Being able to host network games.
  • Connection to master server to get Quake-Wii server list.
  • In menu mod loading, or configuration file so you can execute QuakeGX with different arguments.
  • Ability to use Classic controller, and Balance board for controls.
  • Keyboard Support