"Quadrax is logical game game where more than keen reactions you will need fast fingers and will have to use all your grey brain cells. :-)

Just only that way you can succeed in solving all the ninety levels, which the game has."


Game History

Quadrax was originally ZX-Spectrum game made around 1994 by Slovak company called Cauldron, which was later ported to PC (Windows).

Game was based on 'Cauldron' game (Did you noticed that? :) made by Palace Software (UK) in 1986.

In 1997 Josef Kreutzer made by himself unofficial PC sequel called 'Return to Quadrax' and in 1999 he decided to make another sequel 'Quadrax III'.

In several next years he developed another games: Quadrax IV, Quadrax V and now he is working on Quadrax VI.

Original game had 50 levels, newer versions have around 100 levels each and game is more difficult.

Complete history and all about this games can be found at: http://www.quadrax4.wz.cz/.


This version of game is based on Quadrax IV: The Secrets of Pyramid PC-Windows version of game, which was simply ported from DirectX to SDL graphic system.

Next it was ported to Linux-like systems and finally to the Wii (Still using SDL).

Current version: 0.0.1 (game is being tested and final Wii motion controlls are optimized)

ZX Spectrum

PC version

Several screens: http://www.quadrax4.wz.cz/app/p9_en.html

Wii version

This version is still in development so please be patient with it.


Original ZX-Spectrum and PC version games were designed for 2 players. (Althought game could be played by only one player.)

New PC-Windows versions (by Josef Kreutzer) are designed for single-player. (Linux versions too.)

Wii version supports both - singleplayer and multiplayer. Game is designed for one or two players, but on the same console with one or two Wiimotes connected. Playing over internet is not yet possible!


Original game uses keyboard and mouse for control: arrow keys for movement, Tab, Enter and Space for action.

Wii version's controls have been completely redesigned.

Game uses wiimote's and the nunchuk's motion detection instead of mouse.

Also use several button for actions (switch between characters, use of item...).

Main menu

  (Hold) Immediate exit to loader
  Quit / Back to Main menu

Menu Start level & Level finished

  Select / Continue / Accept
  Back / Cancel
  /   Level up
  /   Level down
  Main menu


  Activate item
  Back / Cancel
  Sound volume up
  Sound volume down
  Move left
  Move right
  Move up
  Move down
  Character 1 (Red)
  Character 2 (Blue)
  In-game menu

Game and Story screen

  Y Move camera up - down
  X Move camera left - right


    Exit to loader
  Reset the Wii to Main Menu




Version 0.2 Released: 9 August 2009

  • Few graphic improvements.
  • + Minimap added
  • + Game music is playing in background
  • + Performance up!


  • Initial version (first public version)

August 1 2009: first public version released!

This is stil in-development version, many features are waiting to be improved...


Wii Port

PC-Windows version

ZX Spectrum version

  • David Durčák
  • Marián Ferko