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Author(s)Jeff Lait
Ported byinsin
TypeRole playing game
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
WiimoteHorizontal.svg ClassicController.svg

A port of POWDER to the Wii using SDL Wii.

If you previously downloaded Powder111_preview1.zip, please delete powder.sav from apps/powder before using the release version

Obligatory Low Quality Video (OLQV™)

This video shows the start of a game of POWDER.

Number of times I've ever found a scroll of Identify in the starting room when not just playing it for demonstration purposes: zero.

User Contributed Videos

The video above, by _Contra_, was captured as widescreen.


Thanks to Jeff Lait for making POWDER and making the source available for porting, and to the SDL Wii contributors for their own porting efforts.


Please note that SDL Wii uses whatever controller configuration it detected when you loaded the application. Plugging/unplugging a Classic Controller after this point is not supported.

WiimoteHorizontal.svg ClassicController.svg In Game Command Menu Other Menus
Wiimote D-Pad Classic D-Pad Move/Fight Change selected item
Wiimote A Button Classic L Trigger or Classic ZL Button Default mapping: MiniMap Map to selected command Jump to top
Wiimote B Button Classic R Trigger or Classic ZR Button Default mapping: History Map to selected command Jump to bottom
Wiimote 1 Button Classic b Button Default mapping: Zap Cancel
Wiimote 2 Button Classic a Button Default mapping: Fire Select
Wiimote - Button Classic - Button Inventory Map a button to the selected command
Wiimote + Button Classic + Button Command Menu Cancel
N/A Classic y Button Default mapping: Inventory
N/A Classic x Button Default mapping: Command Menu
Wiimote HOME Button Classic HOME Button Return to loader

Remapping Buttons

The action performed by some buttons can be remapped by pressing Wiimote - Button when in the Command Menu. This allows controls to be customised to suit your playing style. For example, if you're playing the game primarily as a Necromancer, you'll likely want to map a button to the Command command, which allows you to give orders to creatures under your control.

Mapping changes will persist across games.

Using the Classic Controller will give you two more buttons, Classic y Button and Classic x Button, to map useful commands to.


POWDER itself is not open source, but source is available from its Download page under a license which allows for porting.

A file containing Wii port changes, to be applied to powder111_src.tar.gz, will be made available from this page.

Support Files

On Windows, I used Cygwin (with the make and g++ packages installed) to build the support files - this should be as simple as changing to the port/linux/ directory and invoking make premake. Note that the Wii build currently requires that you add distorted to the list of tilesets in gfx/rebuild.sh before building the support files.

Wii Build

Ensure you have SDL Wii and its dependencies available in your libogc directory as per its install instructions.

Change to the port/wii/ directory and invoke make.


Milestone 1

Issue/Feature Done
Fix issue where graphics don't display using the existing SDL port code
Enable X/Y button support for classic controller (should be a sinple #define change)
Map home button to return to loader

Milestone 2

Issue/Feature Done
Detect when 16:9 display is being used and correct aspect ratio automatically
When entering your name initially, the cursor is picking up fragments of background graphics as it moves