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PattView Wii
Version0.1 Alpha
Downloadable via the Open Shop Channel
Wiimote.svg Loads files from the Front SD slot

Well, it's here everybody! PattView Wii, the long-awaited Wii Homebrew release of the popular Animal Crossing: City Folk (Let's Go to the City!) pattern editing application. Fans of the PC application will find that the experience they're used to is now streamlined for use with the Wii Remote. First time users will find it incredibly easy to hop in and edit all of the game's 316 patterns. More experienced users can use some of the advanced tools to lay out murals and create beautiful works of art without limiting themselves with the built-in palettes.


Button Action
Wii Remote Aim Move cursor
Wiimote HOME Button Exit to loader
Wiimote A Button Edit patterns, interact with menus
Wiimote B Button Interact with menus
Wiimote 1 Button Interact with menus


Merge the '/apps/' folder in the .rar with the '/apps/' folder on the root of your SD card. Alternatively, place the '/PattView Wii/' folder within the '/apps/' folder on your SD card.

This application will look for 'rvforest.dat' in the root of your SD card. This is the save data for Animal Crossing: City Folk. You can extract and install this data using one of the many Savegame Managers available to Homebrew users.


  • Edit all 316 patterns
  • Easily change between the 16 built-in palettes
  • Quickly browse to the pattern you want to edit using the new search window
  • Sleek "Cover Flow" style main hub
  • Test paths and murals in the new Mural Scrapbook

Coming in the Beta release:

  • Display and edit pattern names/creators
  • Simple vs. Pro-design switch
  • Professional Design Studio

The Professional Design Studio will allow for patterns to be created without the limitations of a built-in palette. The user will have a standard color chart (#000000 through #FFFFFF) and the freedom to create patterns with as much detail as they like. This feature is for the more experienced pattern artists. It will arrive with the Beta release.


1/16/11 - Version 0.1 Alpha: Initial public Alpha release.

Bug Reports and Feature Requests

Please leave all bug reports and/or feature requests in the Discussion page (see above).


If anybody is able to record a direct feed video, featuring the main features of the program, please leave your information at the Discussion page (see above).