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Particle Accelerator

Particle Accelerator is a game I made myself. You use the wiimote turned sideways to dodge the incoming particles. It also has some 70's videogame style graphics and "menus".


Step 1. Download file Step 2. Read Readme Step 3. Follow instructions Step 4. Open game in Homebrew Channel Step 5. Look at the information on the homebrew channel. Step 6. Play game


Full source is included. This game is a port of my calculator game 'Pixel Dodger'. The original was made on a TI-84 in BASIC... Anyways, before I go on with my memories, I'll just tell you that this game was fairly simple to create. (Once I figured out how to get everything to work). Notice that this is still a work in progress, but it probably won't be updated soon.

[create] Documentation
Description: A very simple game I made... My first homebrew game! Just download and follow instructions. (Also, can I have some help with this page? I don't really understand all of this template stuff... So, if you've done this before, can you teach me how to get some things to work?)
License: Open source
Author: Bubble-07
Version: 1.0
Download: download page
Source: Included

All you need is a wiimote.

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