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A Port of the rail shooter OpenTyrian to Wii.


  • Full Wiimote+Nunchuk support, partial GC Pad and Classic Controller support. Keyboard support is untested.
  • 2 Player Arcade action (use two Wiimotes).
  • Full input choice (you can use any Wiimote or any GC pad, no matter the sync or port, as well as the Wiimote IR (which I don't like) and the keyboard).


In Menu

Wiimote.svg+Nunchuck alternative.svg Action
Nunchuck Control Stick Move through the Menu
Wiimote A Button Select menu item
Wiimote B Button Back
Wii RESET Button Exit (back to loader)

Keyboard status is unknown.

In Game

Working on custom button assignments.

Wiimote.svg+Nunchuck alternative.svg Action
Nunchuck Control Stick Move ship
Wiimote A Button Fire weapons
Wiimote B Button Change rear fire mode/fire L+R sidekicks
Wiimote 1 Button Fire left sidekick*
Wiimote 2 Button Fire right sidekick*
Wiimote - Button In level menu
Wiimote + Button Pause game


This is a Wii adaptation of TYRIAN, the game edited by Eclipse and published by Epic MegaGames.The original game was programmed by Jason Emery, illustrated by Daniel Cook, and its music composed by Alexander Brandon and Andreas Molnar.

This port is based on OpenTyrian project code, maintained by mindless2112, syntaxglitch,emacs.hacker,

This README file was based on the README found on Nuvalo's old one.

This port is separate from Nuvalo's port, and has now replaced it (as you can see). It is fully functional and much more stable than the Wii-Linux version.

This is not the version featured in the Homebrew Showcase linked on the main page (unfortunately). But trust me, it is better, and easier to use.


Tyrian is an arcade-style vertical scrolling shooter. The player controls a space ship fitted with different weapons and enhanced energy shields. Money is earned by destroying enemies and grabbing bonuses, which is then used to purchase upgrades such as weapons, shields, energy generators, and different ships from interlevel menus. The game is fast paced and presents a variety of enemies and bosses.


This port is still in the beta stage, and is only open if you build the executable yourself.

To play with this game, you need a homebrew enabled Wii console (Twilight hack or Homebrew Channel). And you will need an SD card.

Instructions for building located on project's Google Code site.

Known Issues

  • Alternating A and B too quickly in the Game Menu can cause an exception.
  • Network status unknown.
  • Gamepad/keyboard statuses unknown.
  • Classic controller buttons don't work (joystick does). It requires the use of the Wiimote buttons.
  • GC pad joystick does not work (buttons do).
  • Selectin "Exit" in the main menu causes an exception (should be an easy fix).

If you know of or find anything else, or you think of an improvement you'd like to suggest, please post it on my Google Code issues page.


  • Add popup keyboard for Wiimote use.

Thanks to:

  • mindless2112, syntaxglitch,emacs.hacker, and all the people behind the OpenTyrian project.
  • Tantric for finishing the SDL port, including SDL_Net, as well as general support and troubleshooting (more as someone to bounce ideas off of).
  • yuriks and mindless2112 of the OpenTyrian project for helping me track down the memory bugs.