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| version    = 0.1
| version    = 0.1
| download    = media:OpenDolBoot.zip
| download    = media:OpenDolBoot.zip
| source      = http://code.google.com/p/priiloader/source/browse/#svn/branches/OpenDolBoot
| source      = https://github.com/DacoTaco/priiloader/tree/master/tools/OpenDolBoot

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LL OpenDolBoot icon.png
TypePC utility

What is OpenDolBoot ?

OpenDolBoot is an application created during the development of Priiloader. It creates an .app file out of the given Dol file. the resulted .app file will be bootable by IOS/es_LaunchTitle and can be used in a title

The parameters (as shown by the -h parameter) are : OpenDolBoot Input_Dol_filename [-h] [-i] [-n nandcode_filename] Output_App_filename

  • -i : display info about the dol file and exit (no other parameters are required when using -i
  • -n : use the following nand code and not the default (internal) nboot.bin (experimental!)
  • -h : display this message

In the included package is a win32 build, a linux build(done by 32bit ubuntu 10) and the source code