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TypePC utility
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ninchdl-listext v1.0 by yellowstar6. Utility to decrypt, decompress, read and dump info and URLs from Nintendo Channel download lists, either locally from HD, or directly from the servers.

wc24pubk.mod from Nintendo Channel is required. This is identical for all regions and versions of Nintendo Channel. This can be dumped from the Nintendo Channel data directory on Wii NAND. ninchdl-listext requires wc24decrypt.

This is stored at /title/00010001/484154xx/data/wc24pubk.mod, where xx is hex region code. 45 is E, 4a is J, 50 is P.

In US Nintendo Channel content, the WC24 RSA public key is located at 0x32b938 and the WC24 AES key is located at 0x32ba38.

In JP Nintendo Channel content, the WC24 RSA public key ia located at 0x2f9670 and the WC24 AES key is located at 0x2f9770.

To create the wc24pubk.mod file from these keys, copy the public key to offset 0, length 0x100 bytes. Add zero bytes, length 0x100.

Copy the AES key to offset 0x200, length 0x10. Add zero bytes, length 0x10.

The AES key can be copied to a seperate file, but this requires an extra parameter.

Help displayed when run without paramaters:

Usage: ninchdl-listext <wc24dl.vff> <options>

Input can be a compressed dl list as well.

Alternate usage:

ninchdl-listext <country code> <language code> <region char> <version> <wc24pubk.mod> <options>

See either source code or google code wmb-asm NintendoChannel wiki page for list of country and language codes.

region char must be either u, e, or j.

wc24pubk.mod is the filename for the NinCh WC24 keys.(Can also be the 16 byte AES key.) The default is wc24pubk.mod if this is ommitted.


-l<ID> List titles with a title type ID or console model ID. If the ID is ommitted, the whole title list is listed.

Source is available on SVN at

Credits: Andre Perrot for his gbalzss.c