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| v3610
| v3610
| v3610
| v3610
| IOS53
| 0000000100000035
| v5149
| v5149
| v5149
| IOS60  
| IOS60  

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NUS Downloader, or NUSD, is a PC Utility designed to allow easy access to the resources present on Nintendo's Update Servers. Using this tool, you can download and pack many system titles into WADs ready to install.

NUSD v1 in Windows.


This tool creates WAD files. If it should happen to have issues during this procedure, installing corrupt WAD files could BRICK your Wii. Don't use this program if you are not sure of what it accomplishes. No warranty provided, no responsibility on me if you brick anything!


This program requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. Source is included if you desire to port it away from this prerequisite.

Load the program, and enter a title ID and optionally a specific version number. Title IDs can be found in the Title database.

Check whether you wish to Pack the title into a WAD, and whether the title is for the Wii or DSi. Note that DSi titles cannot be packed into WADs.

Run the download, and you should be presented with the downloaded files and optionally a packed WAD in a folder named after the title ID you chose. All folders/files are saved in the directory that the main program is in.

System WADs can be installed using any normal installer.


There are several reasons to use this program.

  • Avoid unnecessary pirating of System WADs (IOS modules, System Menus, etc.)
  • Obtain a specific version of a System Title (Menu 3.2U, etc.)
  • Simplification of download and packing process.

What this does NOT do:

  • Package VC/WiiWare/Anything needing an individual ticket.
  • Decrypt contents. No common-key needed.

Size Differences

After the initial release, there were concerns rising about differences in file sizes between official WADs and NUSD ones. A first, obvious difference is in that official ones have a footer, and NUSD packed ones do not. This adds a few bytes onto the official ones which will not be present.

As reasonings behind differences are found, I will add them here.

Download IDs

Add as you find:

What is it? ID JAP USA PAL
System Menu 3.2 0000000100000002 v288 v289 v290
System Menu 4.0 0000000100000002 v416 v417 v418
IOS16 0000000100000010 v512 v512 v512
IOS30 000000010000001E v512 v512 v512
IOS38 0000000100000026 v3610 v3610 v3610
IOS53 0000000100000035 v5149 v5149 v5149
IOS60 000000010000003C v6174 v6174 v6174
IOS61 000000010000003D v4890 v4890 v4890


NUSD was written entirely by WB3000, but much of the code would not have been possible without the help of #WiiDev, in particular Crediar, Galaxy, and SquidMan. The advice and source code provided by them made this program possible.

Bugs & Suggestions

This is still in its early stages, so bugs may be present. Be sure to report any so I can work to fix them.

Update History

v1 - April 5, 2009

  • Initial release
  • Supports downloading and packing to WAD
  • Wii/DSi support