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The '''NANDLoader''' is a small bit of code in every channel that loads the rest of the channel. It is an example of an [[apploader]], used for channels.
#redirect [[Apploader#NANDLoader]]
== vWii ==
On the [[vWii]], because the [https://wiiubrew.org/wiki/Espresso Espresso] only boots [https://wiiubrew.org/wiki/Ancast_Image Ancast Images], the NANDLoader must be signed. Nintendo solved this by adding titles 1-512 and 1-513 as NANDLoaders used for all titles. Because the [[Homebrew Channel]] did not have a NANDLoader, instead immediately beginning execution, this resulted in the vWii NANDLoader jumping to the wrong point, and breaking compatibility. [[fail0verflow]] solved this by adding a NANDLoader, which would load the main part, while on the vWii, the system NANDLoader would load the main code.
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