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MyLittleBall is the exciting new 'video game' that all the family can enjoy! Using latest technologies, MyLittleBall brings life to any party. Get ready for countless good times in your Living Room!


Be the ball. Holding it 'normally', rotate the WiiMote left and right to control the aspiring exclamation mark up and up and up! See how many points you can get, then challenge your friends, family, secret lovers, teachers and co-workers!

Don't forget to bring a towel.....


Button Action
Wiimote A Button Start game
Wiimote HOME Button Return from whence you came


Looking to the Future

Hoping to add sound and high score system sometime soon (if someone else wants to help).

Thanks for all the fish

  • Thanks to NoNameNo for the excellent GRRLIB
  • Thanks to everyone responsible for DevkitPro and Libogc (there are too many to list!)
  • Thanks to all those helpful, clever and patient people on #wiidev
  • Thanks to Team Twiizers
  • Thanks to anyone I forgot