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Start Address End Address Size Description
0x80000000 0x817FFFFF 24 MB MEM1 Memory (Cached)
0xC0000000 0xC17FFFFF 24 MB MEM1 Memory (Uncached)
0x90000000 0x93FFFFFF 64 MB MEM2 Memory (Cached)
0xD0000000 0xD3FFFFFF 64 MB MEM2 Memory (Uncached)
0xCD000000 0xCD008000 Hardware Registers

The IOS Heap range is 0x933E0000-0x93400000 it is shown in registers 0x80003130(Start), 0x80003130(End). The top of MEM2 memory is allocated to Starlet. You can access this memory by disabling memory protection.

Broadway / IOS Global Memory Locations

Address Size Value Description
0x80000000 6 0x525350453031 Game Code 'RSPE01' (Wii Sports) Set by Apploader
0x80000018 4 0x5D1C9EA3 Wii Game ID
0x80000020 4 0x0D15EA5E Nintendo Standard Boot Code.
0x80000024 4 0x00000001 Unknown
0x80000028 4 0x01800000 Memory Size (Physical) 24MB
0x8000002C 4 0x00000023 Production Board Model
0x80000030 4 0x00000000 Unknown
0x80000034 4 0x817FEC60 Arena High
0x80000038 4 0x817FEC60 Start of FST (File System Information)
0x8000003C 4 0x00001394 Unknown
0x80000060 0x24 Copyright code Hook is PPC assembler used by Debugger
0x800000EC 4 0x81800000 Dev Debugger Monitor Address (If present)
0x800000F0 4 0x01800000 Simulated Memory Size
0x800000F4 4 0x00000000 Unknown / Unused
0x800000F8 4 0x0E7BE2C0 Console Bus Speed
0x800000FC 4 0x2B73A840 Console CPU Speed
0x80003130 8 0x933E0000, 0x93400000 IOS Heap Range
0x80003138 4 0x00000011 Hollywood Version
0x80003140 8 0x00090204,0x00062507 IOS version
0x80003158 4 0x0000FF16 GDDR Vendor Code
0x80003180 4 0x52535045 Game ID 'RSPE' Wii Sports ID (Written by


0x80003184 4 0x80000000 Unknown Flag (Set by Apploader)
0x8000318C 4 0x00000000 Title Booted from NAND (Launch Code)
0x80003190 4 0x00000000 Title Booted from NAND (Return Code)
0x800030F0 4 0x00000000 DOL Execute Parameters