Template:Infobox homebrewapp This is a Mandelbrot set generator, you could have seen them on other platforms as well e.g. FractInt for PC.
I wrote it some time ago for PC but never released it. Then I accidentally downloaded devkitPro and here you have it :)


Thanks to Daniel Egnar, Tom Schumm and Jussi Kantola for their palettes.


Works in HBC. There is a dol file, so it should work in beta9.

  • Zoom  
  • Reset  
  • Change palette  / 
  • Change number of iterations  / 
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Feel free to write comments to: krupkat(at)seznam(dot)cz


version 1.1
- added wiimote support, now you can zoom anywhere you woint with just pointing your wiimote.
- added a console on the top of the screen showing some basic info