MPlayer CE


Optional Requirements


To read DVDs, you will require DVDX. To read external drives at USB 2.0 speeds, you will also need the custom cIOS USB2 modified by the Mplayer CE team, which can be found on the Mplayer CE downloads page. DVDx must be installed to IOS 202 for cIOS USB2 to be properly detected. Unfortunately, the DVDx installer for system menu 3.4 does not have an advanced install allowing the user to chose IOS 202. The advanced installation is only available in the DVDx installer for system menu 3.2 and 3.3.


In order to use USB 2.0 with MPlayer CE you need to install the USB 2.0 cIOS from the MPlayer CE downloads page.

If you have installed a previous version of the USB 2.0 cIOS you must use AnyTitle Deleter to remove it before installing.

In the installer, choose to install as IOS202 using IOS36.

You must then then install DVDx using advanced mode and selecting IOS202. Even if you don't plan on playing DVDs this is necessary for MPlayer CE to detect if the cIOS is installed.

Plug in your USB device before loading MPlayer, and it should be mounted. Some devices do not support hotplugging.

Users with system menu 3.4 or higher will not be able to use USB2.0 with MPlayer CE because the DVDx installer for this system does not have an advanced mode. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it.

If you plan on updating make sure to install the cIOS and DVDx before updating.


Copy the "mplayer_ce" folder into the "/apps" directory on your sd card and launch it via the Homebrew Channel. Do not rename the folder.


You can use a wiimote or a gamecube pad to interact:

    Toggle menu
    Close menu / Show OSD
    Seek 10s forward
    Seek 10s backward
    Seek 60s forward
    Seek 60s backward
    Next chapter / Increase Volume
    Previous chapter / Decrease Volume
    Modifier key

Video Manipulation

  Move Video Position
  +   Stretch Video
  Reset Position and Dimensions

More persistent screen adjustments are also done from within the 'mplayer.conf' configuration file using three variables called gxzoom (zoom, where higher values yield lower zoom levels), vert_pos (vertical offset), and hor_pos (horizontal offset).



  • USB LAN Adaptor support fixed (again). Thanks to CountZ3ro for testing. Please note that you will need to install the USB 2.0 cIOS.
  • cIOS improved to stop conflicts with other homebrew. Please note that now only port0 has usb2 support. All other USB devices (including the USB LAN adaptor) must go in port1. See here for details:
  • Horizontal stretch parameter added (see mplayer.conf)
  • YouTube options added to menu.conf (thanks to Extrems)
  • Many small bug fixes


  • New screen size variables actually work now.
  • Better usb device detection.
  • Using free Liberation font instead of Arial.
  • Subtitle wraparound bug fixed.
  • Spanish version released.


  • No more maximum cache limit
  • Introduced new variables into mplayer.conf to adjust screen size and position, please see mplayer.conf for details (component-fix is now deprecated)
  • idx/sub subtitle support (please note that these can take up to 30 seconds to load so please be patient)
  • Multiple folder locations added, it is now possible to have the files in
    • sd:/apps/mplayer_ce
    • sd:/mplayer
    • usb:/apps/mplayer_ce
    • usb:/mplayer
  • Added resume points - video will resume at last stopped point. To clear, delete resume_points file in your mplayer_ce folder. To seek to the beginning of the video hold 2 and press the minus button.
  • Added support for Hermes' cIOS. This has greater USB compatibility and enables USB LAN connector support. Please see wiki page for details
  • Added Fribidi library support for right-to-left languages
  • Made cache fill visible on screen
  • Many small bug fixes
  • Updated to latest MPlayer svn


  • SMB now much more robust - thanks to DennisLKJ for smb.c fix
  • libfat cache improved for speed and stability
  • USB ethernet now fixed with USB 1.1; USB 2.0 fix requires an updated cIOS
  • Added ability to manipulate picture using the nunchuck
  • Updated to latest MPlayer revision
  • Now using subfont.ttf instead of font folder - use mplayer.conf to change font size
  • Merged widescreen and 4:3 pack - now MPlayer will use the appropriate loop.avi automatically
  • Improved modchip compatibility for DVD


  • USB 2.0 support (see docs for info)
  • TTF font support (see docs for info)
  • Fixed bug in radio streaming.
  • DVD-Video bugs fixed (DVDs should play much more smoothly now)
  • Fixes in Libdi to detect chipped Wii
  • Codec fixes
  • Updated to latest MPlayer revision
  • Many small fixes


  • Fixed a little bug in keepalive issue that hangs the Wii


  • Fixed code to play videos with incompatible size; we now support many video formats and unorthodox resolutions
  • Fixed keepalive issue in samba (thanks to Ludovic Orban)
  • New loop.avi and widescreen version (thanks to Blue_K)


  • Fixed apostrophies in filenames
  • Improved DVD and USB mounting devices
  • Fixed radio
  • Improved samba reconnection
  • Debugging help for SMB Shares at bootup, debug_network=yes (Review mplayer.conf)


  • Updated menu.conf to allow selecting playlist
  • Fix rodries' loop patch


  • Updated menu.conf to allow selecting subtitles


  • Fixed hang when you access to dvdnav
  • New mplayer.conf option: component_fix=yes to fix side bars on some problematic TVs (Now fixed) Review your configs.
  • Stop Looping Video/Audio file.


  • Reduced font size
  • New Readme
  • New mplayer.conf option: component_fix=yes to fix side bars on some problematic TVs
  • Small fix in cache2.c


  • SD/USB Mount bugs fixed
  • DVD Mount/Stop/Motor/Pause problems fixed, now mounts, only when you select DVD
  • Network Initialising on startup changed, now connects "hidden" in background.
  • Added 5 SMB Shares, review smb.conf
  • Boot-up speed increased
  • Added files filter to only show audio/video files
  • Same directory kept open when you open/close the menu
  • Menu closes on file load


  • SMB fixes
  • DVD cache bug fixed
  • Small USB fixes
  • Modified Libogc & Libfat
  • 2.35:1 videos now scale correctly

V0.1 Christmas Edition

  • Initial project

Further Information

For information on compiling, editing the config files and submitting your custom theme, please see the Google Code Wiki.

How to report a bug/issue

Please only report "new" issues, not duplicates. Google Code Wiki.

User submitted customizations

Feel free to submit links to your own customizations on Google Code Wiki.


                         Scip - Original Project Author
                       tipolosko - DVD-DATA Feature Author
                    rodries - Coding, SMB & USB Improvements
                 AgentX - Source Improvements, Configs & Testing
              DJDynamite123 - Autochain Code/Experimenting & Testing
                     Ludovic Orban - Keepalive issue in samba
                           Tantric - SMB Improvements
                             Brakken - Documentation
                                Blue_K - loop.avi
                             Thanks Goes Out To ...
                                 Team Twiizers
                                GeeXboX Authors
                           Shagkur & LibOGC Contributers