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| [[sysCheck]]
| [[sysCheck]]
| A System Checker (IOS Stub, Fake signature, ES_DiVerify, Flash Access, NAND Access, Boot2 Access, USB 2.0...)
| A System Checker (IOS Stub, Fake signature, ES_DiVerify, Flash Access, NAND Access, Boot2 Access, USB 2.0...)
| [[User:ErikSpyder|ErikSpyder]]
| [[User:ErikSpyder|Erik Spyder]]
| [[System Setting Replace Mod]]
| [[System Setting Replace Mod]]

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Title Description Author
AnyTitle Deleter Fully deletes (almost) any Title from your Wii tona
AnyRegion Changer Lets you modify most (if not all) region information on your Wii tona
Banana Patcher Applies Preloader patches on-the-fly without modifying NAND. Marc
cIOS Patchmii Installer Installs and uninstalls a functional clone of Waninkoko's cIOS tona
cIOS usb2 A custom ios including USB 2.0 and USB-Mass-Storage support inside Starlet Kwiirk
Crazy Intro A custom intro program that sits between system and preloader WiiCrazy/I.R.on
Dop-IOS Downloads, patches and installs any IOS from NUS Marc
DOP-Mii A multi-purpose tool. Supports things like IOS, Channels, System Menu, and much more. Lunatik, Arikado
Duplicate Channel Remover Removes duplicate news/weather channels Waninkoko
FS Browser Wii File System browser raven
Gamecube Saver Copies Gamecube saves (*.GCI) to your Gamecube memory card from your SD card dasda
GCBooter Boot Region Free Gamecube Games on Wii via the Homebrew Channel. emu_kidid
GCMM Copies savegame files from Gamecube Memorycard to SD and the other way around. suloku
IOSCheck Checks all IOS versions installed on a Wii for known vulnerabilities svpe
lsusb Dump information bout attached usb devices Brian
Menu Patcher Make permanent patches to the Wii System Menu Isaac356
Mii Extractor Extracts all the Miis from your Wii to a SD card Waninkoko
Mii Installer Installs dumped Miis from your SD card Waninkoko
NuGaSa Backup/Restore Gamecube Savegames nIxx
Preloader Allows user to directly boot the HBC, System Menu or a .dol/.elf and to apply user created System Menu patches crediar
RealWnD A real 1:1 Wii NAND Dumper. Dump exactly the same as hardware programmer. pcfree
Sadmenu Load a patched system menu, useful for testing banners comex, marcan
Savegame Extractor Dumps saves from your Wii's NAND to an SD card Waninkoko
Savegame Installer Installs dumped saves from your SD card Waninkoko
Savegame Manager A combination of the two apps Savegame Extractor and Savegame Installer Waninkoko
SaveGame Manager GX A Savegame Manager with a wii-like user interface dj_skual
Starfall Patches the System Menu to remove limitations crediar
StartPatch A System Menu patcher Aquilino, TiMeBoMb
StartPatch Mod Modification of StartPatch allowing the selection of which IOS to use Jigen
sysCheck A System Checker (IOS Stub, Fake signature, ES_DiVerify, Flash Access, NAND Access, Boot2 Access, USB 2.0...) Erik Spyder
System Setting Replace Mod Modification of Setting Replace Tool allowing to restore your system settings
Trucha Bug Restorer App to restore Trucha Bug to Wiis with no Trucha Bug in any IOS WiiPower
wadImport A simple wad importer crediar
Wii Home A new Home for the Wii CashMan's Productions
WiiMU A PoC Channel Launcher, that eventually aims to be a System Menu replacement SquidMan, crediar
WiiND USb / SD Nand dumper + Windows extractor Nicksasa
WiiSCU Install new versions of channels and IOS without touching the system menu. Wack0
WUFE Wii update File extractor Nuke
xyzzy Key Displayer bushing