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This page is a list of homebrew applications that are currently in development.

Only add applications that are actually being worked on but are not ready for public consumption. Do not add requests here.


  • Make a page for your application in your userspace
  • Ensure that you add the following to your project's page: [[category:Homebrew in Development]]
  • Add your app details to this page in the right category
  • Provide some contact information (email or a link to your user page)
  • Keep your project status updated
  • Once you are ready to go live, move the page and remove the entry from here


Title Description Author Status
Administrate A joke about the Windows Vista Installation process. Jipifycreations Core programming
Chaos Wii Port of the SDL version of Quirky's very accurate GBA remake of Chaos insin Need help with graphics/sound corruption issues
Egyptian Ratscrew A fun game. See wikipedia page. Jsmaster Coding going extremely fast. Already need the card graphics.
Genesis of Aquarion A Complete Porting of a PS2 Game with:Multi5 Language, Wiimote+Nunchuk support, Add Wi-Fi Connection Antares91 Port complete
Legend of Ashin This text-based rpg game is secret Degulo Core programming and thinking
PoKéQuesT A Pokémon MMORPG Navarr Proof of concept
Project Retro 2D shooter with many innovation and old games tricks Axi0maT Work in Progress (Engine)
Pursuit of Knowledge A trivia type game for the whole family! Goofster1020 Programming
Q2Rev A port of the Quake II Engine to the Nintendo Wii Izhido Proof of concept - port in progress
Quadrax A port of Quadrax game to the Nintendo Wii Slappy Testing, Bug Fixing, Gameplay design
Riisk A Wii version of the board game Risk Megazig Programming
Rocks'n'Diiamonds A port of Rocks'n'Diamonds to the Nintendo Wii asiekierka Buggy; playable with an USB keyboard.
Slime Volley Volley simulation OrkSovaj Porting
Sokoban A puzzle game - currently with support for sokoban style levels. Darrenm Core and UI Programming
Sonic Robo Blast 2 A port of the fangame Sonic Robo Blast 2 to the Wii Sonic Team Junior and Callum Dickinson Finishing the new SDL video driver, finishing the launcher and fixing network support
StepMania A port of StepMania to the Nintendo Wii Borbzz Port in progess
StepMania Wii A port of Stepmania to the Wii DtD
STPP_Wii Port (of GP2X SDL port) of Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection Madmanguruman Compiles; unplayable. WIP - Wii mods to SDL routines (GP2X-specific code refactoring)
TetWiis Wii Tetris coded in C++ Pembo In Progress. Working on game engine.)
Texas Hold'em Poker Texas Hold'em poker with help from PokerTH Eli Sherer Core programming
TronCycles Light-cycle clone RazorChrist Core programming/3D Scenes
Wii-Magic Port of PSP-Magic a virtual Etch-A-Sketch for the PSP to the wii. Aujakev Just Started
WiiMUGEN 2D fighting game like KOF. More info on Glezx Core programming
WiiPart A Wii port of the popular castle defense game, Rampart Paril Core programming
WiiShip A complete battleship system created specially for the wii AcADIeN Bug fixing and testing
WiiTanks2 A new tank game built in the spirit of Wii Play Tanks! Cdaragorn1 Initial Launch
XMoto Wii A port of XMoto to the Wii Fman23 Getting ready for porting


Title Description Author Status
WiiMP Database (SQLite) driven music player for Wii DrTwox version 0.1 soon
ComicsReader An application that allow you to download Comics and display them. Tiamattia I must add some details and the GUI.


Title Description Author Status
ActivestudioWii GabberNL PoC
Freedom System menu Crediar 0.3b released
KiiBoard A 2D Keyboard interface for inputting text with the wiimote MetaFight Depressed. Have you see Tantric's Libwiigui?
memView A utility to view the values stored in the Wii's memory Gannon Usable alpha version plus source available
Multipoint Whiteboard Whiteboard with support for up to four pens Fahhem Nearing completion
RealWnP A Wii NAND Ghost Pack Pcfree private beta
RealWnW A Real On-Console Wii NAND Writer/Programmer Pcfree beta2 preview, superseded by RealWnP
Riider Simple eBook reader LuciusMare Core things, getting people together
Storii book A picturebook to read your children Durda dan Started
Wii Xplore A lite Wii Browser which aims to provide simplicity and functionality (just like the Wii in a sense) SteelSlasher Networking and HTTP parsing complete, now doing tests to check strains to see if tabs are sensible
WiiBrowse A web browser for the wii. Eventually will have html, css, javascript, and flash. JSMaster, scanff html and css parser started, html renderer started
WiiChat Virtual Conference rooms for the wii. (Online chat/gathering places) Beardface
WiiIRC Yet another IRC-Client SailorCM fighting with gui-exceptions
WiiSurf Just planning to hack together a simple browser Contact me Just started
Win2Wii A remote desktop viewer for Wii. Scanff Nearing completion
WiiLoadPlus A network based homebrew launcher for Wii. Zangai Concept
MiSQL A Wii Based SQL Server Calthephenom In Planning,Hopefully up by the end of summer
User:Wiier/XML Maker A XML file maker for the wii. WIIER not done yet

Operating Systems

Title Description Author Status
Miight Debian-based Linux kernel/distro Muzer Final development/closed beta testing
Segher's Wii-Linux Kernel patches for vanilla Linux kernel Segher
WiiDroid Distribution of Linux Different then any other. Pinball Wizard Planning out

PC Programs

Title Description Author Status
PCWnP Simple and Cheap PC Based NAND Programmer Pcfree Beta
Wii Homebrew Manager (New Name Soon) Manage your SD Homebrew Apps from your PC Xerxes Proof of concept
BootMii INI Creator Create BootMii INI files pbsds Beta


Title Description Author Status
libGUI Wii GUI library Glatzemann In development
libwsmenu Thav


Title Description Author Status
L-GX Script (Lua) driven 2D Engine PiLX In development