List of homebrew in development

This page is a list of homebrew applications that are currently in development.

Only add applications that are actually being worked on but are not ready for public consumption. Do not add requests here.


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Title Description Author Status
PoolWii Play pool using motion controls. Part of university Console Programming Unit. DegaOne Just started.
MKXP-Wii Play RPG Maker XP, VX, and VX Ace games on the Wii Lord Krenner Has it even started?
Snake You are a Snake eating dots, getting bigger and faster. LS Finished but could be better.
Super Lightsaber Mario A platform game in which Mario/Luigi and Bowser have lightsabers Ethanco Just started.
Administrate A joke about the Windows Vista Installation process. Jipifycreations Core programming
Basilforums Basilmarket forum/topic reader KolakCC Coding GUI
Chaos Wii Port of the SDL version of Quirky's very accurate GBA remake of Chaos insin Need help with graphics/sound corruption issues
Diiscent Port of descent(2). Myrkr Looking for help.
Doodle Jump Wii Doodle Jump for the wii Skepter Adding new features (multiplayer mode, obstacles)
Dream Land Create, Play, Share Khjui the game is about 2% done, so its going to be a while...
Egyptian Ratscrew A fun game. See Wikipedia page. Jsmaster Coding going extremely fast. Already need the card graphics.
Galaxy Stations Multiplayer 2D action adventure Chaosteil Abandoned?
Genesis of Aquarion A Complete Porting of a PS2 Game with:Multi5 Language, Wiimote+Nunchuk support, Add Wi-Fi Connection Antares91 Port complete
Kim Jong Un's Cheese Nation A surreal comedy clicker game staring everyone's favorite supreme leader. CaffeineMeme Development started on Jul 13, 2019, in active development but barebones.
KnightsQuest Medieval strategy game wplaat Last updated March 31, 2010
Legend of Ashin This text-based RPG game is secret Degulo Core programming and thinking
Legend of Zelda: Link And The Dark Triforce Some power greater than Ganon is plotting against Link. Gyroninja Working on storyline any help wanted
Liqwiid Wars steaky1212, silus
Minecraft Wii Edition A Minecraft "Clone" filfat Mouch to do...
MyFarm A farming simulation with online interaction (think Harvest Moon / Farmville) Weaz Finishing Game design
PoKéQuesT A Pokémon MMORPG Navarr Proof of concept
Pondera Balance Board 2D Mario style Adventure game PhoenixWing Core Programming
Project Mod A physics sandbox game inspired by Garry's Mod Mvanbem
Project Retro 2D shooter with many innovation and old games tricks Axi0maT Game is moved to xbox360 as commercial project
Pursuit of Knowledge A trivia type game for the whole family! Goofster1020 Programming
Radian Wars A fast-paced two-player game, similar to Tanks Couchy Abandoned?
Riisk A Wii version of the board game Risk Megazig Programming
Rocks'n'Diiamonds A port of Rocks'n'Diamonds to the Nintendo Wii asiekierka Buggy; playable with an USB keyboard.
Scalequest: Farseeker Workout exploration game using the balance board for movement to map and survey random landscapes. AAHench Looking for feedback and bug reports.
SDL Sopwith A sidescrolling airplane game Insin
Shoot or Die! 2D platform shooter similar to Turrican LeChuck Just started
Slime Volley Volley simulation OrkSovaj Porting
Sokoban A puzzle game - currently with support for sokoban style levels. Darrenm Core and UI Programming
Sonic Robo Blast 2 A port of the fangame Sonic Robo Blast 2 to the Wii Sonic Team Junior and Callum Dickinson Last minute touches!
SonicWii A classic Sonic engine/fangame being written with GRRLIB. Dude2kx Needs collision detection help. Alpha stages.
StepMania A port of StepMania to the Nintendo Wii ObsidianX Revived
STPP_Wii Port (of GP2X SDL port) of Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection Madmanguruman Compiles; unplayable. WIP - Wii mods to SDL routines (GP2X-specific code refactoring)
Texas Hold'em Poker Texas Hold'em poker with help from PokerTH Eli Sherer Core programming
TronCycles Light-cycle clone RazorChrist Core programming/3D Scenes
WarHeads : Scorched Earth A remake of Scorched Earth. Ballistic shoots, lot of weapons and tanks. DaVinz V1.0d will include IA
Wii Bomb Final concept still being developed Barrelroll5 Just started
WiiCraft2 A Minecraft Inspired game TechEdison Working on randomizing blocks. Possibly for beta?
Wii-hive Bedlam A port of UK's Sky Active game, Beehive bedlam. MANICX100, Mr foggy WIP
Wii-Magic Port of PSP-Magic a virtual Etch-A-Sketch for the PSP to the Wii Aujakev Just started
WiiMUGEN 2D fighting game like KoF. More info on Glezx Core programming
WiiPart A Wii port of the popular castle defense game, Rampart Paril Core programming
WiiJump A Doodle Jump (iPhone) game alike leonardo2204 Started Coding
WiiShip A complete battleship system created specially for the wii AcADIeN Bug fixing and testing
WiiTanks2 A new tank game built in the spirit of Wii Play Tanks! Cdaragorn1 Initial Launch
XMoto Wii A port of XMoto to the Wii Fman23 Abandoned
Ziip A simple clone of Zoop using SDL page Testing and adding some features
C2C POC for a homebrew Countdown to Chaos tweakdeveloper Just started
Saiiber Clone of Beat Saber but on Wii Zpeedbrew Menu was made but developer got a new PC and has to start all over again from scratch


Title Description Author Status
ComixChannel An application that allow you to download Comics and display them. Tiamattia Almost ready for a beta! stream for the Wii Jacob "HACKhalo2" Litewski Gathering materials...
MiiHome Home Automation (HA) Controller for the Wii Gangsta Testing concepts/Hoping for input


Title Description Author Status
WiiDisc Checks disks against database to ensure proper working order. Avery Lloyd 0.01 in development
AchievTendo Checks game savefiles for certain statistics and submits them to a online database. Superyoshi 0.1a in development
ActivestudioWii Presentation displaying homebrew GabberNL PoC
Aggriigate A feeds aggregator capable of RSS and atom reading as well as interacting with social networks such as Twitter. Pedrocrespo (v0.04) Under development
Drive Light Control Completely control the drive light! Oy!, Pocket Kid Controls being programmed for a second time/being finalized.
Freedom System menu Crediar 0.3b released
KiiBoard A 2D Keyboard interface for inputting text with the wiimote MetaFight Depressed. Have you see Tantric's Libwiigui?
memView A utility to view the values stored in the Wii's memory Gannon Usable alpha version plus source available
MiSQL A Wii Based SQL Server Calthephenom Abandoned?
Multipoint Whiteboard Whiteboard with support for up to four pens Fahhem Nearing completion
RealWnP A Wii NAND Ghost Pack Pcfree private beta
RealWnW A Real On-Console Wii NAND Writer/Programmer Pcfree beta2 preview, superseded by RealWnP
Riider Simple eBook reader LuciusMare Core things, getting people together
Storii book A picturebook to read your children Durda dan Started
Supermario182's Friend Code Manager Project A single channel to manage friend codes / rosters and the Wii address book from, and to synch all your codes with friends using a single username. Supermario182 Concept \ Gathering Information
Wii Xplore A lite Wii Browser which aims to provide simplicity and functionality (just like the Wii in a sense) SteelSlasher Networking and HTTP parsing complete, now doing tests to check strains to see if tabs are sensible
WiiBrowse A web browser for the wii. Eventually will have html, css, javascript, and flash. JSMaster, scanff html and css parser started, html renderer started
WiiChat Virtual Conference rooms for the wii. (Online chat/gathering places) Beardface
WiiIRC Yet another IRC-Client SailorCM fighting with gui-exceptions
WiiLoadPlus A network based homebrew launcher for Wii. Zangai Abandoned?
WiiMail An email client for the Wii Jsmaster Beta release
WiiSurf Just planning to hack together a simple browser WiiCracker Abandoned?
Win2Wii A remote desktop viewer for Wii. Scanff Nearing completion
XML Maker A XML file maker for the wii. WIIER not done yet
Uiiverse Miiverse clone for Wii. awowwowa Development started

Operating Systems

Title Description Author Status
Miight Debian-based Linux kernel/distro Muzer Abandoned until sufficient motivation appears, or I randomly decide to continue
Segher's Wii-Linux Kernel patches for vanilla Linux kernel Segher
WH-DOS Wii Development Operating System. Create Homebrew applications and games; comes with over 100 new libraries and wrappers. TTTHXC In Development

PC Programs

Title Description Author Status
PCWnP Simple and Cheap PC Based NAND Programmer Pcfree Beta
Wii Homebrew Manager (New Name Soon) Manage your SD Homebrew Apps from your PC Xerxes Proof of concept
WiiPort A app similar to Open Shop Channel Desktop but has most WiiBrew apps Hombrewed Started Devlopment, and not coming anytime soon...


Title Description Author Status
3DGlasses C library to develop applications that can be seen wearing 3D glasses Michelinux Something works, something not :)
libGUI Wii GUI library Glatzemann In development
libwsmenu libwiisprite wrapper to easily create menus for homebrew software Thav Abandoned?


Title Description Author Status
Cube Engine Wii A port of the Cube Engine to the Wii scanf and SheeEttin In development
FiSSION 3D Game Engine PunMaster
L-GX Script (Lua) driven 2D Engine PiLX In development