List of homebrew emulators

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Title Version Description Creator DL Source
AtaWii 1b Atari ST Emulator NoNameNo AtaWii-beta-1.tgz Available
Chippy 2008.08.3 Chip8 Emulator iamabe Chippy at Tehskeen Unknown
FCE Ultra Wii 2008.04.27 NES Emulator Askot+others FCEU at TehSkeen Google Code (latest) Available
FUSE Preview Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator bg fuse-wii-preview.tar.bz2 Soon
Genesis Plus 2008.07.16 Genesis / Megadrive Emulator Eke-eke Available
Gnuboy GX 2008.07.15 Gameboy (Color) Emulator Eke-eke Available
Hugo-wii 2008.06.14 Turbo Grafix 16 / PC Engine Emulator Eke-eke Available
Neopop Wii 2008.06.21 Neo-Geo Pocket Emulator Askot Available
RIN Wii 2008.04.10 Gameboy (Color) Emulator mirakichi Homepage Available
ScummVM Rev 33789 Emulator for ScummVM games dhewg Download Available
SDL MAME 2008.05.9 Arcade Games Emulator Nuvalo Homepage Available
SMSPlus 2008.07.15 Sega Master System / Game Gear Emulator Eke-eke Available
Snes9X Wii v0.1.1 SNES Emulator Askot+dsbomb TehSkeen Google Code (latest) Available
Trojan Wii Trojan LCD Game Simulator Jon Conrad No
Visual Boy Advance 1.7.2 Gameboy/Color/Advance Emulator emu_kidid VBA Available
Wii64 r300 Nintendo 64 Emulator tehpola Homepage Available
Yabause Wii Sega Saturn Emulator Yabause team Thread at TehSkeen Ac_K Modification Available