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Applications used to demonstrate different functions of the Wii.


Title Version Description Creator DL Source
3rd Person Demo Final A first person perspective 3D engine iamabe + oyzzo Download Yes
Box2D Balls Final A demo of the Box2D physics engine. Use the Wiimote to create balls, then hold B and tilt the Wiimote to change gravity. 0xtob Yes
Chrysler The Wii port of an Amiga demo Fit and Bandwagon Yes
Drawing Box 1.0b2 Another demo using Box2D. (Probably no more updates unless enough people want it) Bool On request
ExistenzE Final First Wii oldschool Demo (using GRRLIB 1.6.5) NoNameNo ExistenzEFinal.tar.gz Yes
GuitarDemo 0.1 Basic Les Paul Controller Demonstration Navarr Included
Headtracking Basic headtracking demo, based on Johnny Chung Lee's YouTube video PaulWagener Google Code
Hex Pistols The Wii port of an Amiga demo Fit Yes
Jenny Thinks The Wii port of a GP32 demo Fit and Bandwagon Yes
One Day Miracle The Wii port of a Linux demo Fit Yes
PCtoWii 1.1 PC/Wii Wi-Fi demo OrangeRibena PCtoWii.tar Yes
Planet Hively 1.0 HVL Musicdisk IRIS and Up Rough Planet Hively Yes
RAM Editor 1 Simple/pointless RAM editor HyperHacker RAM Editor Yes
RTWii 0.9 Implementation of a raytracer in plain C (powerful but slow) ravenexus On request
Shut 0.1 Turn off your Wii. Example of using libwiisprite. Simple menu example with rollover effect. Scip Shut Included
Stercus Accidit The Wii port of an Amiga demo Fit Yes
Wiilight Final Example controlling disc slot light (simple fading effect using PWM) Bool Included
WiiEarth 1.0 Google maps like app PaulWagener Yes
WiiMenu 1.0 Demo using Wiimote Kontakatilu v1.0 Yes
WiiMotionDemo 1.5 Demo to read Wiimote Accelerometers. Uses GRRLIB. shdwcoder WiimoteDemo Included
WiiPaint 1.0 Draw on Wii using a custom GRRLIB 2.0 Kontakatilu WiiPaintSample Yes
WiiRayTracer 1.0 Simple implementation of a raytracer using the raw framebuffer and the guVector functions TheBlasphemer Included

Peripherals and features

Title Wiimotes Nunchuck Classic Controller Les Paul Controller GCN Controller USB Keyboard Balance Board Wii Wheel Wii Zapper DVD Drive Front SD SD Gecko USB Gecko USB Flash GCN Memory Card WiFi Internet
ExistenzE Wiimote1.svg GameCube Controller
GuitarDemo Wiimote1.svg Les Paul Controller
PCtoWii Local WiFi
Planet Hively Wiimote1.svg
RAM Editor GameCube Controller
WiiPaint Wiimote1.svg
WiiMenu Wiimote1.svg
WiiMotionDemo Wiimote1.svg

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