List of homebrew applications (media)

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Several Wii Homebrew can play audio and video files. Best of Wiibrew: DragonMedia Player, GeeXboX.


  • DragonMedia Player is the most user friendly music player. It has a nice interface and is skinnable. It plays mp3, flac and ogg, but does not work with wma or aac (yet).
  • MPlayerWii supports almost all audio files but has a text only interface.
  • MiniMP3 Player has a basic interface and only plays MP3s. The source code provides a good example of how to play mp3 on Wii though.
  • Wii Mode MP3 Player is hard to set up and requires additional hardware. However, it is notable as one of the first Wii homebrew apps.


All are ports of MPlayer and so will play almost anything. The first two will play H.264 480p videos (but not smoothly).

  • GeeXboX plays videos, play music and show photos.
  • Wii MFE Port requires a GameCube controller. WiiConnect24 must be disabled.
  • MPlayerWii can only play lower resolution files. Audio can often get out of sync with video.
  • MPlayer Team Twiizers' MPlayer. Plays DVDs and videos on the SD card.
  • Wii Miidia promises to be a full featured media center in the future. (unreleased)