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libwc24 by yellowstar6

This library allows Wii homebrew to use WiiConnect24. You need certain IOS to use libwc24 when accessing HBC data dir for creating and reading wc24dl.vff which contains the downloaded title data WC24 content. With IOS prior to the 3.4 update, you only need to identify as HBC, and wc24app has a option to identify as HBC. With IOS updated since the 3.4 update, you need a IOS with NAND permissions patches, since patched ES_Identify doesn't work for the second time it's called. These IOS requirements are needed because HBC reloads IOS when loading homebrew, which resets the current identification. In the tarball and libwc24 SVN directory tree is libwc24 and wc24app. The former is the actual library, and the latter is the WC24 test app. Each time libwc24 is compiled successfully, the header files and libwc24.a will be copied to $DEVKITPRO/libogc/include and $DEVKITPRO/libogc/lib libwc24 can be also be installed by running this in the libwc24 directory: make install Optionally you can install libwc24 manually by copying the headers and library to the above libogc directories.

For more WC24 info, see the Wiibrew pages: WiiConnect24 /shared2/wc24/nwc24dl.bin WC24 Content

The source is included with the download tarball, and is also available on SVN at:

These are the Internet server URLs that wc24app can install:

The former is the title data URL, the latter is the message board mail URL.(These URLs are outdated, see libwc24 wc24app SVN for current URLs.)

Reference the Wiibrew WC24 Content page for info on the required WC24 header when content length is less than 0x140 bytes. Also see the above URLs installed by wc24app for template WC24 content. The title data file is supposed to only contain the payload text when written to wc24dl.vff, however the whole file is written there. The cause of this is currently unknown, but the all-zero 0x140 bytes-long header isn't needed when the actual content length is larger than 0x140 bytes.

Features and limitations

  • VFF files can be read. However the FATs can't be processed, thus files' clusters must be sequential. Since the FATs can't be processed, VFF files can't be written, only read. Paths for when opening files in a VFF can have sub-directories.
  • The download frequency is specified in minutes, see: /shared2/wc24/nwc24dl.bin
  • RSA signature verification for content can be disabled.
  • Content can optionally be downloaded only in idle/"standby" mode with a flag bit.
  • WC24 can download subTasks, where multiple URLs are downloaded with one task, but libwc24 can't use this.
  • Download content to a file in wc24dl.vff under HBC data dir.
  • Download message board mail "annoucements", like Nintendo's system update messages and channel messages.
  • Download content immediately.
  • Get and set the KD UTC time.

Known bugs

  • The libwc24 v1.0 source tarball(not the pre-compiled library and dol) has a ISFS heap buffer overflow bug. Only 0x10 bytes for the size of a record is allocated for reading and writing records, but ISFS always reads/writes at least 0x20 bytes. This was fixed in SVN by changing the buffer allocate size to 0x20 bytes.


  • Raven's id.c from fs_browser for identifying as HBC