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Missing a spirit level at home, I decided to use the Wiimote as a replacement.


Download & extract the archive, and place it in your apps folder on your SD card so the Homebrew Channel can find it.


Put the wiimote on a surface you want to use as a reference and press A.

This will start a calibration, and afterwards you can put it on a target surface to see its difference in inclination.



  • Fix: Leftover cursor pixel from previous tests removed
  • Chg: Measuring is done in degrees
  • Chg: Verbosity of calibration screen decreased
  • Add: Detection if Wiimote #1 is up and running
  • Add: Pictures
  • Add: Calibration for maximum value on the wiimote when standing upright. These things are so unprecise :-/


  • First public release

Credits and thanks

  • Marcan for the Wiimote axis drawing
  • frontier for PNGU
  • Crayon for Wiibuilder
  • the devkitPro developers
  • Greetings to wiiwillrockyou.de and the users of www.wii-homebrew.com