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==Screenshots from original and Wii version==
==Screenshots from original version==
[[Image:Lpi.jpg]] [[Image:Lpairsboard.jpg]] [[Image:Lpairsingame.jpg]]
[[Image:Lpi.jpg]] [[Image:Lpairsboard.jpg]] [[Image:Lpairsingame.jpg]]

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The Wii port of LPairs done by ThErZA. The original code was done by Michael Speck.

"LPairs is a classical memory game. This means you have to find pairs of identical cards which will then be removed. Your time and tries needed will be counted but there is no highscore chart or limit to this."

So have fun with this little time killer :)


Button Action
Wiimote A Button Start game / Change options / Flip cards
Wiimote B Button Start game / Change options
Wiimote + Button Start game / Change options
Wiimote HOME Button Start menu / Exit game

Screenshots from original version

Lpi.jpg Lpairsboard.jpg Lpairsingame.jpg


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