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'''Current homebrew status:'''  Partially working, as of [[System Menu 4.0]]. Status is fully working on [[System Menu 3.2]], and mostly working on [[System Menu 3.3]] or [[System Menu 3.4]].
A combination of the [[Twilight Hack]] and the [[Homebrew Channel]] is the recommended method of homebrew application loading on System Menus less than [[System Menu 4.0]], on [[System Menu 4.0]] there is no way to install Homebrew (though existing Homebrew Channel installations do work).
== Compatibility ==
Important information about what you can do based on your System Menu version.
=== Around 2.1 to 3.2 ===
Best versions. These work with almost every Homebrew app out there, 3.2 obviously being the best (unless you want gamecube homebrew, in which case less than 3.0 is advised).
USB LOADER!!!!!!!!!!
=== 3.3 (with Oct 23 update) ===
If you can access the shop channel fully, you have the Oct 23 update. A few more apps do not function on this version, mostly ones that affect the Wii itself, with the exception of the Homebrew Channel, DVDx, and BootMii (when it comes out), as these all contain a workaround. If an application is affected on this wiki, the infobox will say it needs an IOS that allows fakesigining in order to function.
=== 3.4 ===
This version is slightly more inconvenient than 3.3 with the Oct 23 update. It removes the Twilight Hack on every boot, so you will have to copy it to the console every time you want to use it. You typically use it only once (to install The Homebrew Channel), which makes this a small disadvantage. The vast majority of Wii Homebrew will work even with this version.
=== 4.0 ===
This version of the System Menu does not allow any version of the Twilight Hack, and nothing new can be installed. If you already have HBC and DVDx installed, then you can install 4.0 without worrying. As the installation of new homebrew is disabled by this version, updating is not recommended at this point.
===What isn't working===
* [[PatchMii]]
:This means you can't install any patched IOSes.
* [[AnyTitle Deleter]]
:You are unable to delete any unused channels, such as weather and news.  This also affects the unofficial versions of AnyTitle Deleter.
* [[Signing bug|Fakesigning]]
: You are unable to make use of the fakesigning bug.  It is unlikely this will ever be fixed because it is exploited by those who pirate virtual console titles.
== Important information ==
'''It is strongly recommended''' that you do not attempt to ''downgrade'' your Wii's firmware to an older version. The methods used to do this are risky and often illegal. Instead, remember that even the latest version will let you enjoy most Wii homebrew, and that newer homebrew is likely to work with the latest version of the Wii software. The risks of downgrading are large at this point, and you could easily render your Wii completely bricked with no possible fix.
== Hacks ==
=== The Zelda: Twilight Princess Exploit ([[Twilight Hack]]) ===
''Requires:'' The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii), a non-SDHC SD card (all SD cards that are 2GB or less are non-SDHC, and if you search very hard you might be able to find 4GB non-SDHC cards), a Wii.
bushing, tmbinc and segher were able to modify a save game for Zelda: Twilight Princess that would make the Wii execute a [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stack_smashing stack smash] and were then able to inject their own code. No hardware modification is needed. Firmware version 3.3 attempted to block use of this hack, but [http://hackmii.com/2008/06/wii-menu-tp-hack-killer-analysis/#comment-1261 failed in implementation]. The second-newest version of the firmware (3.4) tried once again to block this point of entry, and once again failed. Twilight Hack([http://hackmii.com/2008/06/twilight-hack-v01beta1/ v0.1beta1]) is only compatible with Wii firmware versions up to and including [[System Menu 3.3]]. [http://hackmii.com/2008/11/rise-of-the-dead/ v0.1beta2] works with system menu 3.4 only. Nothing is compatible with system menu 4.0.
=== Fake Signing ([[Signing bug]]) ===
''Requires:'' Varies. For homebrew enablement, a drivechip and a Wii below firmware version 3.3.
This method of signing content for the Wii exploits a bug in the implementation of the RSA algorithm used in some of the Wii's software. It is simple to create a fake signature for any content, allowing the installation of custom channels (such as the [[Homebrew Channel]]) and [[IOS|IOSes]] (via [[PatchMii]] or [[Custom IOS Installer]]), the running of modified game discs (only with a [[drivechip]]), the Datel Freeloader disc, and more.
However, as of [[23 Oct Updates|October 23, 2008]], all IOSes have been patched to remove the signing bug, rendering all fakesigned discs, as well as any homebrew software reliant on the signing bug (such as [[AnyTitle Deleter]] and [[AnyRegion Changer]]) useless. The latest version of the Homebrew Channel can still be installed, as it uses a new exploit.
=== [[Homebrew Channel]] ===
''Requires:'' Homebrew enablement via fakesigning (only on consoles that do not have the October 23 update) or the Twilight Hack.
While not a hack in itself, the Homebrew Channel is the first homebrew loading interface that does not require any other software or hardware to run. Installation, however, requires the ability to run either the [[Twilight Hack]] or fakesigned discs. It currently works on all Wii firmware versions available up to this writing (currently 4.0). The Homebrew Channel installer utilized the fakesigning exploit until beta 9. The beta 9 installer uses a different exploit to install itself, to circumvent Nintendo's October 23 update which patched the fakesigning bug out of all IOSes.
== Updates that affect homebrew ==
There have been many Wii System Updates for the Wii. Listed here are the ones that in some way affect homebrew.
=== [[System Menu 4.0]], added [[IOS16]], [[IOS60]] and [[IOS61]], updated [[IOS38]], updated [[Photo Channel|Photo Channel 1.1]] (to 1.1-b), [[Wii Shop Channel]] and [[Wii Speak Channel]] (to 2.0). ===
'''Released: 25th March 2009'''
* Blocks installation of the Twilight Hack version 0.1beta2. The Twilight Hack is being replaced by BaNNeRBoMB.
* This version of the System Menu uses [[IOS60]].
* Blocks '''new installations''' of anything that uses the "3.4 exploit"; so the [[Homebrew Channel]] and [[DVDx]] will not install.
* The [[Photo Channel|Photo Channel 1.1]] and the [[Wii Shop Channel]] have been updated, use [[WiiSCU]] to update these and install truchasigned versions of [[IOS60]] and [[IOS61]].
* The [[Wii Speak Channel]] 2.0 is not compatible with the original. Update the Wii Speak Channel to version 2.0 by using the [[Wii Shop Channel]] (update it if required)
=== [[System Menu 3.4]], added [[IOS50]] and dummy [[IOS254]] (just [[IOS9]]), updated IOSs [[IOS30|30]], [[IOS31|31]] and [[IOS37|37]], [[bc]] and [[mios]], updated [[Mii Channel]]. ===
'''Released: 18th November 2008''' - '''Found in games'''
* Blocks the installation of the [[Twilight Hack]] version 0.1beta1. Twilight Hack version 0.1beta2 (because of its not being version 0.1beta1) can still be installed for long enough to install HBC.
* This version of the System Menu uses [[IOS50]].
* Does not appear to affect custom channels (although there have been unreliable reports to the contrary)
* Breaks [[PatchMii]] by installing a dummy [[IOS]] ([[IOS9]]) into the [[IOS254]] slot (pointless, expect the next attempt to be slightly more effective)
* Adds the dev/flash/ blocks to IOSs [[IOS30|30]], [[IOS31|31]], and [[IOS37|37]] <!-- correct me if I'm wrong -->
=== [[IOS51]] & Updated all [[IOS]]es except [[IOS30]], [[IOS31]] and [[IOS37]] (these were already partialy updated, see below), added some IOSes that were only previously available from Wii Discs, updated [[Wii Shop Channel]]. ===
'''Released: 23rd October 2008''' - '''Found in games'''
* This blocks '''new installations''' of anything fakesigned, that is, [[Homebrew Channel]] beta 8 and below (beta 9 contains a workaround), unofficial wads (legal and illegal), [[Starfall]]/[[Preloader]], cIOS, [[BootMii]], anything that installs IOSes secretly like [[AnyRegion Changer]] or [[AnyTitle Deleter]], [[xyzzy]] and [http://hackmii.com/2008/08/libdi-and-the-dvdx-installer/ DVDX] (used for apps which have DVD support; the latest version contains a workaround). This list is not exhaustive, but please add to it if you think of anything else.
* This also blocks access to /dev/flash in all [[IOS]]es but [[IOS30]], [[IOS31]] and [[IOS37]].  This means raw nand dumping utilities, for example [[Yet Another Wii NAND Dumper]], no longer work, since by default homebrew uses [[IOS35]]
* '''If something is already installed then it isn't affected, like [[Homebrew Channel]], etc.'''
* The Shop Channel backend was also updated at this time. You need the new Shop Channel (first available with this update) to access the [[Wii Shop Channel]], but this can now be worked around with [[Wii Shop and IOS51 installer]].
* If you already have the [[Homebrew Channel]] and [http://hackmii.com/2008/08/libdi-and-the-dvdx-installer/ DVDX], and aren't planning to install anything big that will affect your Wii, then you are most likely unaffected. Normal everyday apps such as [[Homebrew Browser]] are completely unaffected as long as you already have the [[Homebrew Channel]].
* It updates all [[IOS]]es with the fakesigning bug, and adds [[IOS51]].
=== [[System Menu 3.3]] & Updated [[IOS30]] and [[IOS31]], updated [[bc]] and [[mios]], updated [[Mii Channel]]. ===
'''Released: 16th June 2008''' - '''Found in games'''
This update blocked old versions of the [[Twilight Hack]]. The newest version contains a workaround, and retains compatibility with all Wii firmware versions. [[IOS30]] and [[IOS31]] have fixes for the [[Signing bug]] backported from [[IOS37]]. Since the System Menu uses [[IOS30]], fake-signed discs have been blocked.
=== [[IOS37]] ===
'''Released: 21st March 2008''' - '''Found in games'''
This iteration of IOS contained a fixed signature checking routine--a fix for the [[Signing bug]]. Although installed on many Wiis, [[IOS37]] has not been found active in any way that would disable any hacks.
=== Other Updates ===
Currently, no other updates, older or newer than these, affect homebrew.  See [[System Menu Versions]] for more info on other updates.

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