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Here is a list of tutorials available here or on external sites. Read Developer tips sooner than later.

If you edit this page, try to include some 'review' of the tutorial, please.

Tutorials about everything

These tutorials cover many aspects of developing applications for the Wii.

Title Description Author
CodeMii Tutorial This tutorial covers setting up DevKitPro in Windows, writing simple code, the use of controllers, arrays, images, the FAT-filesystem, xml and sound. teknecal
Curso de Programación This Spanish tutorial covers everything from setting up DevKitPro, to creating sprites, to collision and sound.

Tutorials on preparation

Getting started. DevKit, installing new libraries, etc. DevkitPPC is the part of the DevkitPro toolchain used for Wii and Gamecube development. These guides describe setting up such a system:

Title Description Author
Devkitppc setup Installing devkitPPC, Setup your project folder, Compile the HelloWorld Example, Run the HelloWorld Example on the emulator, Run the HelloWorld Example on the Wii using wiiload.
Getting Started The Getting Started section on the official devkitPro wiki.
Configuring Eclipse for Wii development This turorial covers installation and configuration of Eclipse on Linux (can also be applied to Windows with few path changes). It includes instructions on how configure and checkout SVN repositories. Scognito

Other tutorials

Title Description Author
Assembler Tutorial A tutorial and an application note how to develop assembler programs and inline assembler code for the Wii and the PowerPC processor. Georgp24
SDL Tutorial A simple but currently incomplete tutorial on SDL. GabberNL
Programming with Libwiisprite An extensive libwiisprite tutorial. It simplifies the first steps as well as teaches some advanced concepts. WiiPhlex
Wii homebrew development tutorials Tutorials on C++ programming, outputing text with libwiisprite, programing with the Wii Balance Board and playing mp3-files with libogc's MP3Player. Hopefully more to come. Arikado
Libwiigui tutorial Describes how to use the libwiigui-library Jmaster