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This is a comprehensive directory of homebrew applications for the Wii.

Lists of homebrew applications

Loaders – Various loaders you can use to load other Wii homebrew applications.

PC utilities – Utilities to help you load and manage homebrew from your PC.

Emulators – Emulators used to emulate other game consoles on the Wii.

Games – A wide variety of original homebrew games for the Wii.

Media – Media players that can be used to play music, video, and DVDs on the Wii.

Operating systems – Alternative operating systems to use on the Wii, such as Linux.

Utilities – Various utilities you can use to make your Wii perform various tasks.

Math – Math-related calculation programs that you can run on the Wii.

Demos – Applications used to demonstrate different functions of the Wii.

Jokes – Joke programs created just for fun.

Complete list – A complete listing of all homebrew applications on one page.

Notable applications

Homebrew Channel – The homebrew loader created by Team Twiizers.

Homebrew Browser – A Wii Shop Channel-like application for downloading homebrew applications.

Wii Linux – A Linux distribution created for the Wii based on Debian.

Developing applications

Development of Wii homebrew applications is both fun and challenging. If you want to develop homebrew for the Wii, you will need some tools.



  • If you would like to create a page for your application while developing it, create it in your user namespace and link to it on the List of homebrew applications (in development) page. You can move it to the article namespace when it is released.
  • It is strongly recommended to create icon.png and meta.xml files for your application to make it compatible with the Homebrew Channel.
  • When your application is ready to be released, you can create a page for your application in the article namespace. Make sure to add the {{infobox homebrewapp}} template and fill it in as much as you can.
  • If you would like, you can host your application here on wiibrew by uploading it. Otherwise, you can upload it somewhere else and link to it. Please avoid sites like Rapidshare, as they are slow and a hassle to download from.

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