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This page gives an overview of released homebrew apps. The Twilight Hack and the new Homebrew Channel are currently the only ways to run the apps on an unmodified console. Go to the peripheral info page for a list of what Peripherals the applications support.

Note to developers

  • It is important to include a video auto detect routine and a way to return to the loader or restart. Go to the Developer Tips page for more information.
  • With the release of the Homebrew Channel please include an icon.png and meta.xml file for easy installation for end users.
  • There are also some Development Applications, you may need.

In Development

For a list of projects currently in development, please see the In development section.


Title Version Description Creator DL Source
Homebrew Channel beta8 Installs the Wii Homebrew Channel onto the System Menu. Team Twiizers Download None
All-in-1 Emuloader 2008.04.20 This is just another basic Front SD elf/dol loader that looks for known Emulators Eke-eke tehskeen.com Available
Front SD ELF Loader 0.4 Loads .elf and .dol files from front SD slot. svpe Sdelfload-0.4.tgz [1]
Gecko Region Free 1.5b Loads an import game, like Datel's FreeLoader Nuke Download No
geckoloader 0.0.3 .dol/.elf loader using the usbgecko adapter (useful for developers) dhewg geckoloader-0.0.3.tgz Available
TCP Loader 0.1 Loads .elf and .dol files over a TCP socket. svpe download here [2]
Wii Homebrew Launcher 0.6 Good Wii menu-style launcher for .elf files. Supports custom human-readable titles and pictures for each app. Hell Hibou Download list Soon (possibly)


Title Version Description Creator DL Source
AtaWii 1b Atari ST Emulator NoNameNo AtaWii-beta-1.tgz Available
FCE Ultra Wii 2008.04.27 NES Emulator Askot+others FCEU at TehSkeen Google Code (latest) Available
FUSE Preview Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator bg [Blog Entry] Soon
Genesis Plus 2008.06.1 Genesis / Megadrive Emulator Eke-eke dcemu.co.uk Available
Hugo-wii 2008.04.19 Turbo Grafix 16 / PC Engine Emulator Eke-eke tehskeen.com Available
OpenMSX developing MSX emulator for Wii mth & Vampier NA ?
RIN Wii 2008.04.10 Gameboy (Color) Emulator mirakichi Homepage Available
ScummVM Rev 32565 Emulator for ScummVM games dhewg Download Available
SDL MAME 2008.05.9 Arcade Games Emulator Nuvalo Homepage Available
SMSPlus 2008.06.01 Sega Master System / Game Gear Emulator Eke-eke tehskeen.com Available
Snes9X Wii v0.1.1 SNES Emulator Askot+dsbomb Download List Available
Trojan Wii Trojan LCD Game Simulator Jon Conrad trojanwii.zip No
Visual Boy Advance 1.7.2 Gameboy/Color/Advance Emulator emu_kidid VBA 1.7.2.zip Available
Wii64 r300 Nintendo 64 Emulator tehpola Homepage Available


Title Version Description Creator DL Source
Asteroids 2008.04.15 Asteroids (very primitive, but works) aksommerville Wiiasteroids-20080415.zip Included
Ballion 1.7 Destroy blocks with a ball. Wiimote or Gamecube controller can be used. New version with sound and better graphic. Mega Man ballion-wii.elf No
Bichejos v1 A shooting game I have developed in two days nozintusei Bichejos_v1.tar.gz Available on request
Chess 0.0.1 A simple port of a chess game, TSCP (with a minimal GUI). hanse chess-0.0.1.tar.gz Available
Duck Hunt Port of the NES duck shooting game Knight0fDragon DuckHunt.zip No
Jewel Quest ? A 3 match puzzle game similer to Bejewled mcartman Jewel Quest ?
Masteroids 0.4 Multiplayer asteroids feesh masteroids.tar.bz2 Included
Matching Cards 0.1 Pair up all the cards before the time runs out teknecal Matching Cards v0.1 Available
Minesweeper 2008.04.27 Minesweeper, clear the field while avoiding the mines. mangaman3000 Minesweeper.zip No
OpenTyrianWii v0.9 Port of Tyrian to Wii (vertical shooter) Nuvalo Release Thread No (OpenTyrian Source Available)
PONG V1.1 PONG game for Wii PaRaDoX Download Included
Quake GX 0.01 Quake port for Wii Eluan Forum Thread Download Available
Rock Paper Scissors 2008.04.15 Play RPS against a computer! Kazart Rockpaperscissors.zip too simple
Scogger 0.2 Frog puzzle game Scognito Scogger 0.2 Not yet
Simon 0.3 The classic memory game teknecal Simon v0.3 Available
Snake 2.0 Snake, where you control the snake and eat apples. uschghost snake2.rar Available
Sudoku 0.1a Sudoku puzzle game. Figure out the correct placement of all the numbers dlkj sudoku.tar.gz Available
Tetris 1.2 Tetris, where you rotate and move falling blocks to make lines DesktopMan tetris.elf Available
Touhou Fangame Beta 1 A Touhou Fangame (vertical shooter) SquidMan Here Included
WiiPoker 0.1 Video Poker for the Wii Beardface WiiPoker-0.1.tar.gz Available


Title Version Description Creator DL Source
MiniMP3 Player MP3 Player with Front SD Card(need MP3 directory) and Wiimote support nIxx MiniMP3 Player Source
MP3 Player MP3 Player (requires SD gecko or similar) emu_kidid Wii Mode MP3 Player Mirror Soon
Wii MFE Port 1.1 MFE-Port for Wii-Linux nuvalo MFE for Wii source Available


Title Version Description Creator DL Source
PoC-Linux PoC 0.4 Wii Proof of Concept Linux mini-distro GC-Linux PoC v0.4 Download Available
Segher's Wii-Linux ? Kernel patches for vanilla Linux kernel Segher Browse .git archive Available


Title Version Description Creator DL Source
Duplicate Channel Remover 2 Removes duplicate news/weather channels Team Waninkoko Channel Remover (for PAL wiis) No
ftpii 0.0.4 FTP server joedj ftpii_0.0.4.zip Included
Gamecube Saver Copies Gamecube saves (*.GCI) to your Gamecube memory card from your SD card. dasda Gamecube Saver No
Mii Extractor 1 Extracts all the Mii's from your Wii to a SD card. Waninkoko Mii ExtractorMirror ?
Mii Installer 1 Installs dumped miis from your sd card Waninkoko Mii Installer ?
Rebooter 1 Reboots the Wii back into regular mode. Helps if you are too lazy to go turn off the system by hand. SquidMan Rebooter Available
Save Extractor 2 Dumps saves from your Wii's NAND to an SD card. Waninkoko Savegame Extractor ?
Savegame Installer 2 Installs dumped saves from your SD card. Waninkoko Savegame Installer ?
SD Explorer 0.8 SD card file manager miom SD Explorer partial source
Title Lister Lists version info for all titles stored on the Wii's internal NAND flash bushing Title Lister Available
WAD Installer 2.1 Installs WAD files from the front SD slot. Allows installing several Wii homebrew channels and wii updates. Waninkoko WaninkokoMirror No
WAD Manager 1.1 Allows you to choose which WAD file(s) on the SD card or a USB drive to install/uninstall Waninkoko WaninkokoMirror Available
WAD Uninstaller 1.1 Fully uninstalls WADs that were installed using the WAD Installer. Waninkoko WaninkokoMirror No
Wii Web Server alpha v0.4 Serves web-pages Cboomf + Felix123 Project Page Available
WiiWhiteboard Interactive Whiteboard Bg wiiwhiteboard.elf Available


Title Version Description Creator DL Source
Mandelbrot Mandelbrot Set Generator Krupkat Mandelbrot-wii.zip Available
WPCP 1.1 Wii Pi Calculation Project MadCatMk2 All Files Available


Title Version Description Creator DL Source
Fake PS3 Emu 1 Trick your friends? just look at it... GizmoTheGreen MegaUpload It's a bunch of print calls, write it yourself


Title Version Description Creator DL Source
ExistenzE Final First Wii oldschool Demo.(using GRRLIB 1.6.5) NoNameNo ExistenzEFinal.tar.gz Yes
MTB An adult wiimote demo coded using GRRLIB NoNameNo MTB 2 No
MTP A child-friendly wiimote IR tracking demo coded using GRRLIB NoNameNo MTP MTP2 No
PCtoWii 1.1 PC/Wii Wi-Fi demo. OrangeRibena PCtoWii.tar Yes
RAM Editor 1 Simple/pointless RAM editor HyperHacker RAM Editor Yes
Shut 0.1 Turn off your Wii. Example of using libwiisprite. Simple menu example with rollover effect. Scip Shut Included
WiiMenu 1.0 Demo using Wiimote Kontakatilu v1.0 Yes
WiiMotionDemo 1.5 Demo to read Wiimote Accelerometers. Uses GRRLIB. shdwcoder WiimoteDemo Included
WiiPaint 1.0 Draw on Wii using a custom GRRLIB 2.0 Kontakatilu WiiPaintSample 1.0.zip Yes
WiiRayTracer 1.0 Simple implementation of a raytracer using the raw framebuffer and the guVector functions. TheBlasphemer WiiRayTracer.zip Included