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| title = Linux Theme(v2)
| title = Linux Theme(v2)
| author = [[User: Bob the Wood Tick|Bob the Wood Tick]]
| author = [[User: Bob the Wood Tick|Bob the Wood Tick]]
| description = A theme for the HBC based on Linux.
| description = A theme for the HBC based on Linux. Credit to Abeckring for the glass grid.

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To install a theme, download one from below and copy the files to the "apps" folder, just like an homebrew application.
As soon you load it from the Homebrew Channel, the theme will be installed.

It is stored in the channel's savegame on the Wii, so you can safely remove your SD card or USB mass storage device without losing the theme.
If you delete the savegame from the Wii, your theme will be lost. You can also send the theme.zip using Wiiload.

To create your own theme, extract a theme.zip and replace the graphics.
They need to have the same dimensions, filenames and filetypes as the orginals, else the images will be ignored and replaced by the original (Dark Waters) graphics.
The theme.xml contains information about colors for the text (globally used) and the progress bar, see also Theme.xml Creator.
When you're done, you can put the images and theme.xml back into the theme.zip, maybe add a meta.xml and icon.png and upload in here.

For those having trouble you can use this file as a template.

Don't worry about taking a screenshot, a qualified volunteer will handle it. External framebuffer dumps and analog captures are preferred for authenticity. Other theme screenshots taken with Themeshooter are referred to as "Themeshot's".

Read more about Homebrew Channel themes on HackMii: Theming the Homebrew Channel


Do not upload themes containing copyrighted material

Use only images you created or that are explicitly(!) released to be re-used in other works. If you are unclear about whether you are allowed to use an image, don't use it. Just because you found an image on the internet, it doesn't mean you are allowed to use it.

Do not bend this rule: Cropping, cutting up, changing the colors or filtering an image does not void its copyright. "Fair use" is not applicable either (and a US-only exemption to copyright anyway). For the time being, Logos are considered somewhat safe, and can be used (if you really, really have to - it's not the pinnacle of creativity to slap a huge company or game logo in the background).

Do not upload themes containing only a background image

Please do at least some customization of the GUI images. Although background-only themes are possible, they are rather pointless.

Keep your descriptions short

When uploading and adding your theme to this page please keep your descriptions short, we don't want to hear the whole story just the basics. If you want to tell your whole story you can put it in the theme's meta.xml file. To avoid clutter and keep this page organized we ask that you please follow this new limit of four lines, this means that you must use the "Show preview" button to make sure that it doesn't go past your theme's screenshot.


HBCtheme HBC Classic.png

The original HBC look!

Dark Waters.png

The default Dark Waters theme, does not contain the actual resource files.


HBC Cola.png

Sepia Tones on the HBC to remind you of Cola.

HBC Lime-Green.png

A rehash of the HBC Classic theme, modified to be lime-green.

HBC Gray.png

A rehash of the HBC Classic theme, modified to be gray.

HBC Black.png

The darker version of the Gray theme.

HBCtheme Beer.png

A mod of drmr's HBC Classic Theme, made to look like beer. Enjoy.

Coca Cola HBC Theme.png

Coca-Cola theme ( Inside the bottle )


The old HomeBrew Channel but in the version Dark.


A color Drained HBC classic theme with some slight mods.

Clasic Dark Black by Nicklas64.png

Modified classic menus on the new Dark Waters background.

DarkWii HBC.png

The classic DarkWii theme for MyMenuify, ported now to the HBC

Orange Sherbet.png

A rehash of the HBC Classic theme, modified to be orange.

Dark Water v2.png

A re-built of drmr's default Dark Waters theme, with some little changes.


HBCtheme Cube.png

What if the Homebrew Channel was on GameCube? Purple Theme with cubes.

Vista Theme for HBC.png

A Vista theme for the Homebrew Channel.

HBCthemes 00002.png

A Dark Vista theme for the Homebrew Channel.

HBC LinuxMint.png

Homebrew Channel with the fragrance of Mint.

HBC windows 7 0.5.png

This is a Windows 7 theme for your Homebrew Channel.

Mac Starry Sky Theme for HBC.png

This my Mac Starry Sky Theme For the HBC .

Mac Os X Theme for HBC.png

This my Mac Os X Theme For the HBC .


Based on Wii System Menu.

HBCtheme Dolphin.png

A theme made from scratch inspired by the GameCube's IPL.

Windows7 glass.png

Same as title, credits go to Marcelofoxes, Raixs, and Selena (Xiangua) for some images. Themeshot can be seen here.

HBCtheme HBC Oldschool.png

Close as I can get to original HBC, I hope Team Twiizers appreciates it. Themeshot can be seen here.


WiiSettingsScreen-like theme. Some high quality glass styled graphics. Blends well with DarkWii.


Wii System Settings theme. Looks like the System Menu Settings, with similar buttons and icons.

Simple Windows 7.png

A nice theme based on Windows 7.

HBCtheme HBC NES.png

HBC given a whole new NES makeover. Themeshot can be seen here.

A fairly simple Wii themed theme.


A theme based on the Xbox 360 Dashboard. The background and some of the images are not that great. But for something I made pretty much from scratch, I think I did all right.


A theme for the HBC based on Linux. Credit to Abeckring for the glass grid.


Again: Please do not upload themes containing copyrighted images.
HBCthemes 00001.png

here's my pac man theme i just finished. hope you like.

Homer theme.png

This is a Simpsons Theme.

Raphael Theme.png

A somewhat Yoshi's Island themed theme.

Matrix theme.png

A Homebrew Channel Matrix Theme. For white text version click here.


Simple Tetris Theme.

Galaga screenshot.png

A Galaga based theme.

Crisis Core.png

HBC Theme based on FF7: Crisis Core for PSP


HBC Theme based on TRON

Halo 3 theme. As simple as that.


A Legend of Zelda theme.


HBC Cookie.png

A mouth-watering cookie theme for the HBC.

HBC Sky Theme.png

A sky themed theme for Homebrew Channel.

HBCthemes 00000.png

This is a simple theme, based on the original, but with different colors.

Minty HBC.png

A touch of minty green for HBC. Updated!

Tema MiiConsola.png

Inspired in MiiConsola.com.


Looks like everything else siv makes.


Simple, Minimalistic, Dark and Noisy.

Redox by IceDive -Version 1.5-.png

Redox Homebrew Channel Theme by IceDive [Version 1.5]

Moon Screenshot.png

Theme with Flowers in Moonlight.


Hell Theme for HBC


A green and black theme for HBC.

Bg gui.png

A theme Blue inspirate for a theme to Configurable USB Loader


A simplified monochrome theme for the HBC.


A terribly made theme