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Q: When I run the gc-linux package included in hbc_apps.tar.gz it stops at "Freeing unused kernel memory: 164k init", doesn't show a login prompt and USB keyboard doesn't work. What I am doing wrong?

A: You are not doing anything wrong. The gc-linux package included in hbc_apps.tar.gz (MD5: a2394731e2f65aee741100bed1cd14a0) is version 0.2, not version 0.4 as the package claims. That version doesn't support USB keyboards and only shows a login prompt when used in combination with a USB Gecko adapter. If you want to test the real gc-linux PoC version 0.4 you can grab it from www.gc-linux.org while someone takes the time to fix the hbc_apps.tar.gz package.

Q: After installing the Homebrew Channel using the twilight princess hack, will the Homebrew channel still function if I delete the twilight princess hack and reinstall my original save file?

A: Yes. Once the Homebrew Channel is installed, the twilight hack save is no longer required.

Q: Is there a way to prevent the Homebrew Channel - and the time spent using it - from being logged on the Wii message board?

A: No, nor is there any real need to.

Q: What is the Homebrew Channel all about?

A: It's a channel that lets you run Wii Homebrew in .elf or .dol format. Currently, you can load them from an SD card, a USB Gecko or via local network (WiFi or wired). Each application may have a customised icon of certain size, and various metadata which is displayed when selected, such as name, short description, long description, version, release date, and coder, stored in an XML file.

Q: What type of file format should i put into the SD?

A: Apps need to be called boot.elf or boot.dol (wii .dol only). Icons should be called icon.png, and information should be in meta.xml.

Q: I've downloaded the "XYZ" app. It's a file in .dol. or .elf format. I've stored it into the SD card, but the HomeBrew's menu does not list the new app. What I'm doing wrong? Maybe should I have to store the app in a certain folder and/or should I have to run such an installing procedure?

A: You need to create a folder in the root of the SD card called apps. Then you need to create a folder inside of that for each DOL or ELF file. Put the File in there, and rename it to either boot.elf or boot.dol(depending on the file type). YOu can then add an icon for each app in the same folder, with it named icong.png, and a discription file name meta.xml.

Q: Hi, I'm a programmer. I wanna do a software for wii using your channel. How can I start? Which language, libraries, etc.

A: See getting Started with devkitppc.

Q: My cursor barely responds. It seems to only respond to rotational movements of the wiimote. What can I do to resolve this?

A: If you are using a Nyko wireless nunchuck, try using the homebrew channel without the Nyko wireless receiver attached to the bottom of the wiimote.

Q: Is it possible to sort the applications running in the Homebrew Channel?

A: You must update the date stamp on them. You can use the linux poke command, and I think there are some programs to do it on Windows. Or, you could just create the folders in the desired order. The folder with the most modern date/time stamp comes first and the oldest one comes last.

Q: I keep reading about a 10 minute limit, what is this about?

A:The last version of the homebrew channel had a time limit, it would stop working after you had used it for 10 minutes. The current homebrew channel doesn't have that lmitation, so you can forget about it.

Q: After burning the HBC ISO to a DVD+RW and another time on a DVD-R, Wii responds with "Unable to read disc"? I have a modded Wii and both types of discs I am able to play downloaded game ISOs. Am I doing anything wrong?

A: Yes -- pirating games.

Q: Will the lack of UTF-8 support and inability to use windows-1252 encoding properly (http://tinyurl.com/6kl3d5 for details) be fixed in a future release?

A: TLDR. What exactly is it you want the HBC to do that it doesn't do currently? Please be specific. Bushing 14:17, 6 June 2008 (CEST)

Precis: non-7-bit characters come out wrong. XML should support UTF-8 but the channel doesn't render it right. "ç" for example, in UTF-8 is 0xC3 0xA7, renders as "ç", because that's what the font holds for those chars. Using encoding that matches the font makes the parser reject the XML as invalid UTF-8, so accented chars are unusable.
Yes, exactly. Here are three potential solutions: (1) support UTF-8 fully which, ideally, is what I would like (2) choose an alternate metadata format that doesn't have to go through an XML parser in the first place and is expected to be windows-1252 (3) use an XML parser that supports windows-1252 as a charset (not sure if one exists outside of Microsoft though).
I'm not finding any non-English characters that are showing up correctly using UTF-8 encoding. UTF-8 is definitely not working as advertised. ProdigySim 05:21, 7 June 2008 (CEST)

Q: Is there any chance at all that Nintendo can/will brick a Wii that has the Homebrew Channel?

A: Possible, but unlikely. It's far more likely that a future Nintendo update could *accidentally* conflict with the HBC. Keep checking on WiiBrew before installing updates and you'll likely be safe.

Q: Does this void my warranty even though it is just software and not a hardware mod?

A: Technically? Perhaps. Realistically? No

Q: Why didn't my Homebrew Channel detect the update? Connect 24 is on... And the World Icon on the Channel is white

A: You could be behind a http proxy, the channel does not currently account for that. Also, the check is only done when you start the channel, we have not yet bothered reverse engineering connect 24.

Q: If I can not update through the Homebrew Channel's auto update, can I install Homebrew Channel beta8 over beta7 via the twilight hack?

A: Sure, btw other ways of booting the installer also works.

Q: Will the source code be released?

A: When both it and the audience is ready for that.


Q: HBC Beta 8 won't show any of my apps. I have the Internal Gecko SD mod. Is this conflicting with it? Beta 7 would show them but sometimes needed to be reloaded and SD card removed and reinserted, but I haven't been successful with HBC Beta 8?


Q: Is there a Japanese translation for the Homebrew Channel planned?


Q: Is there anything I can do to allow the Homebrew Channel to automatically update, assuming that I may be behind a http proxy? Or would a slow internet connection affect the update checker?


Q: The Wii ScummVM has only the classical Skin built-in. On the ScummVM for Windows, I have the Modern Skin too. So I tried to copy the Skin files to the SD Card, to have it on the Wii too. The fact is that the Wii ScummVM lists the new skin (modern) on the MISC menu, but it is impossible to select it: if I try, the the skin does not change, and the classical still gets selected. Am I doing anything wrong?


Q: Would the installer install properly if it were booted through the Homebrew Channel? ie Add it as a Channel and then boot it