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If you believe you've found a bug in the Homebrew Channel, first check the bug archive to see if it has been fixed or if it never really was a bug. If it's not there, please report it here.

Black screen after loading bar

I have major problem with Homebrew Channel since version 0.9 beta.

Problem is that sometimes it not wants to properly load applications. After loading bar (normally reaches 100% and it moves away) I just get black screen and my Wii Remote turns off, after that I just can turn off my Wii by pressing "POWER" button for 5 seconds.

This not happen always, but very often with any type of applications (emulators, games, utilities). I don't have that problem with HBC v0.8 beta and earlier version. My Wii is PAL version with 3.1E FW, system uses IOS 34 v4.15. I don’t have mod-chip installed.

I think that problem is caused by some bug(s) in HBC, not by my Wii. I also want to mention that I never used applications like "IOS downgrader", DVDX, Starfall, etc.

I also tried to reformat my Wii's system memory, but problem in HBC is still persistent.

System Files are Corrupted

i got this error on loading the HBC for the 5th time, it occured onece but i just wanted to report it

translated:the wii data is damaged. read the manual for more information.

it happened like this:

  • after loading the wii webserver alpha i forced a power-off by holding the power button.
  • powered on the wii
  • started HBC
  • got the error

wiimote would not sync, reset button did not work, forced poweroff

  • after restarting everything worked ok again.

extra info: pal wii, all downloadable updates. Bitflusher 10:51, 6 June 2008 (CEST)

I believe that in English this is the "System Firmware has been corrupted" message. I have heard 3 or 4 reports of this, and although it is disconcerting it is apparently harmless. If anyone has a way to reliably reproduce this, please let me know -- otherwise there's not much we can do. Bushing 13:39, 6 June 2008 (CEST)
Yeah, I've seen it once or twice, but it's not easily reproducible. Unless we come across the issue more often, I'm afraid there's not much we can do. It's too intermittent to debug, you'll just have to deal with it. This is a system menu message. Marcan 16:13, 6 June 2008 (CEST)

IOS21 missing on 3.2E

A friend of mine tried to install the homebrew channel on a 3.2E Wii, but got the error message "you don't have the current version of ios installed". Now she never updated her Wii since she got it, until a few days ago. My guess is, that she just skipped IOS21. I don't really see a way of getting IOS21 now, unless we find a game that includes it. So I think it would be a good idea if the homebrew channel came bundled with IOS21 or searched which IOS is availible and used the one that is, if it's new enough. - Slowking 02:35, 12 June 2008 (GMT+1)

Any recent Nintendo game (say, anything with Mario in the title) should have a full set of IOSes. We can't bundle a version of IOS with the HBC due to copyright concerns. Unfortunately, due to the way channels are implemented, we have to pick a specific IOS version when we create the TMD for the channel. Bushing 11:30, 23 June 2008 (CEST)
I think this error occurs if you have a non-supported system version. My Wii was 2.1E (That happens if you neither have any Marios nor are online), and HBC did not install claiming it does not find ios21. Well, I *DO* have Lego Star Wars, so this could not be the full truth. Luckily, my recently purchased Wii Fit/Balance Board came along with 3.1E, and that fixed the problem, HBC installed. --Wiidiot 15:53, 19 July 2008 (CEST)

The same problem on 3.3E. Even reinstalled IOS21 (deleted with AnyTitleDeleter, and then used online update), still says that I'm missing IOS21. --Shadowbird 18:37, 7 August 2008 (CEST)

I've now seen this myself, but can't explain it. le sigh. Bushing 07:32, 23 August 2008 (UTC)
This might be similar to the recent "iosAlloc titles failed" bug. Something weird is going on here. Marcan 19:45, 4 November 2008 (UTC)

Wiimote Extension Glitch

If you have a wiimote, and you plug in a Classic Controller, or a Nunchuck, then it will not show the cursor. However, if you unplug the CC or Nunchuck, it will work again.wackysystems

Losing WiFi Connection

Despite being next to my access point, I've found that the homebrew channel/my wii is losing its connection. This happens when running homebrew and returning to the launcher (which I why I presume its a problem with the channel and not my wii or WiFi). Is anyone else experiencing this?--Unknown

Is it eventually reconnecting? The Wii's WiFi connection isn't persistent.--Timedroid 06:30, 22 June 2008 (CEST)

Unresponsive cursor

My cursor barely responds. It seems to only respond to rotational movements of the wiimote. What can I do to resolve this?

If you are using a Nyko wireless nunchuck, try using the homebrew channel without the Nyko wireless receiver attached to the bottom of the wiimote.

I got a problem with the remote cursor( the hand)... when I'm on the wii menu its fine but as soon as I enter the HBC it gets upsidedown and the controls are inverted.

Loading extra files as well as the .elf

Not really a bug, but particularly for development it would be quite handy to have a more convenient way of sending an application's data files over the USB gecko or wifi. This could be either something like ftpii built into the homebrew channel itself, or allowing wiiload to send whole directories. --Bigzoid 15:15, 11 July 2008 (CEST)

App Description (meta.xml)

  • Sometimes, when viewing application's description, when navigating using "down" key, HBC freezes, and the console needs to be turned off.

-- bloomberg_es 21 July 2008

Strange sound when i press exit on the homebrew channel

When i exit from the homebrew channel, the system menu and the games sound like they have interference, this only happens if i use the option exit on the HBC, if i execute another app (like snes9x) and i reboot the wii from there, this doesn´t happen (spanish: cuando salgo del canal homebrew, el menu del sistema suena como si hubiera interferencia, solo pasa al usar la opcion salir en el canal hombrew, si ejecuto otra aplicacion que permita reiniciar (snes9x por ejemplo) y reinicio la wii desde alli esto no pasa) NTSC Wii, 3.2U, not chipped

I can confirm that this happens, exiting the Homebrew Channel on my NTSC 3.3U unmodded Wii produces slightly distorted sound on the Wii Menu and other channels/games that are run after. This bug does not happen if the system menu is returned to directly from other homebrew. The distorted sound seems to fix itself when I power off and turn back on the Wii. Kilroy 14:57, 20 August 2008 (UTC)

WiiLoad Issues

When I use WiiLoad, it fails to transfer the file properly about 80% of the time. The progress bar goes up normally to some random point and then stops. Next the Wii shows the failed to receive file dialog box. WiiLoad says failure and "No Error". I've never seen any other network issues with my setup. The file that I'm transferring is about 8 Mega-bytes.
-- PaceMaker 02:02, 31 July 2008 (CEST)

  • Is the source available to WiiLoad? If not, what is the protocol that the HBC uses to transfer files?

-- PaceMaker 05:20, 11 August 2008 (CEST)

Apps Do Not Load, HBC Freezes on Exit, and No Network

Ok, so I have encountered all of these problems using HBC. First off, none of the applications will load. Once I try to start an app, it will display a progress bar at 0% and stay there indefinitely. I cannot exit from here in any other way than by powering of the Wii on the console. No network connectivity, the icon in the lower-right corner does not respond at all, even though my Wii is connected to my network/the internet. Finally, when I try to leave HBC without attempting to load an app (i.e. I start HBC, look at some apps, press Home, and click on exit) my Wii freezes up. These problems occur every time I use HBC. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling HBC, using the installer DVD and the Twilight Hack to install, and the Wii data management to uninstall. I also used the SD Brew application to set up my SD card for HBC. Details about my Wii:

  • It has a WiiKey with 1.9s firmware
    • The drive type is D2A
  • The Wii System version is 3.1U
  • My SD card is 2GB PQI Hi-speed (60X)
  • I do not have any GC memcards plugged in when trying HBC (I do have a controller in)

Does anyone have a fix for this?!? Bide666 07:16, 24 August 2008 (UTC)

I too am having simmilar issues on a unmodded wii (3.3 firmware). My wii freezes upon closing the homebrew channel and I see no network. Dagi

Same issue for me on a modded PAL wii with yaosm, 3.2E firmware, with and without usb ethernet adapter plugged in, HBC beta 8 and no gamecube adapter nor memory card. --Zeograd 21:51, 14 November 2008 (UTC)

Network problem - Network Not Initialized

I installed HBC on my 3.2J Wii using the iso method (I have a modchip) and connect it to my home network but i disconnect the internet from it on purpose (I don't understand japanese so I'm afraid I'll update my wii by accident). Im trying to use wiiload but HBC just says: "network not initialized". I tried addind my wii's BSSID to my routers MAC filter but with no luck. also i have nothing plugged in to my wii. 26 August 2008

HomeBrew Channel stalling in loading apps

To start out, I have a Wii updated with the latest firmware and it is not chipped. I've rarely experienced problems when loading HBC as everything seems to run smoothly. It has froze on me once only the first night I installed it which was a while ago, though all is fine now. I've encountered a problem the other night however; I've noticed upon HBC loading my SD card and its apps that I was free to choose anything as normal, though when I clicked on the Genesis emulator, HBC decided to take its own actions into play. I have not yet chose to Load or Cancel the application from the HBC interface. You know when you get the dim screen in the background when you choose an app or are reading a description?, I had gotten the dim screen (all while the background was still in motion. The bubbles, etc) and no menu whatsoever as well as the cursor having disappeared. My apps were still shown in the background but there was nothing left for me to do except power off my Wii. It only happened once. I will further notify of any other glitches/bugs/things that should arise. Peachy 01:18a.m., 26 August 2008

HBC doesn't read my SD Card/it's content

I installed the latest version (beta9) of HBC on my Wii but when I insert a SD card with the neccessary files in /apps/whateverfolder/ the HBC doesn't show it. It only says at the beginning "Load SD" then it disappears and the Icon for Internet Connection starts blinking. I have no Gamceube things like memcards in my Wii nor GeckoSD-Adapters. Sano 17:29, 31 Oktober 2008 (MEZ)

Same issue... this is with the recent 3.3 update and HomeBrew Channel beta9. I was using a 1GB standard SD card, configured properly. I moved the exact same format to a 32MB standard SD card and that worked for me. Is there a size limit to what HBC can read from? Technosapien 02:19, 11 November 2008 (UTC)
Try moving the files off the SD card, use SD Formatter, then copy the files back on. LoganA 14:57, 11 November 2008 (UTC)
Thank you, that seems to work. Any way to do this with linux, and not have to find a windows machine? Technosapien 21:39, 11 November 2008 (UTC)
mkfs.vfat -c -F 32 /dev/<path to block device, like sda>. this command makes a filesystem, vfat type, check the sectors for bad blocks, FAT32 to this block device. If this doesn't work, you may need use fdisk on it and remake the partition table, then format it again with mkfs.vfat.LoganA 02:07, 12 November 2008 (UTC)

HBC Doesn't Power Off Completely (when Standby Connect Enabled)

From what I can tell, when using the Power Button in the HBC, the Wii seems to turn off, but it doesn't turn off the video component, which is still outputting a black screen. I have a VCR that normally switches to a blue screen when the Wii powers off, and it stays on the black screen. I can even unplug the wii video cable, which causes the VCR to produce the blue screen again, and then plug the video cable back into the Wii, which switches into the black screen.

This only appears to be happening with the HBC, no other Wii software does this. All of this is happening during the "powered off" state, when the Wii has an orange light, and the Wii can still be turned back on normally during this state. Ooh... let me try it with WiiConnect24 turned off...

Yup. With WiiConnect24 turned off, the Wii stops producing video output as expected. So it seems that in order to get the Wii to stop producing video output while in Standby, you need to shut down the video hardware in a slightly different/more complete way? I'm running 3.3 here, but I prefer to leave my WiiConnect24 on, as I get messages from Nintendo and the Homebrew Browser, and I like to be notified when they arrive.

Should be gone in 1.0.1 --marcan 22:11, 9 December 2008 (UTC)

Nope, the bug is still there. Powering off from the Homebrew Channel with wiiConnect24 Standby connect enabled is still leaving the Wii outputting a black screen while it is in standby. I've noticed that when the Wii powers back on, it turns off the video for a split second, probably due to its startup sequence. --Thegamefreak0134 07:10, 12 December 2008 (UTC)

3rd party Nyko wireless controller does not function inside of the Homebrew Channel

Wireless classic style wii controller manufactured by Nyko does not function inside of the Homebrew Channel or inside any applications that support the classic controller launched from within the channel. The controller functions properly in the wii system menu but when the HomeBrew channel is launched, the LED on the base, that attaches to the wiimote shuts off, and the controller loses sync. Nothing brings it back except exiting the HomeBrew channel and returning the system menu.

Wiimote will not work in the Homebrew Channel if Nyko's Wireless Nunchuck is plugged in.

I purchased Nyko's Wireless Nunchuck for my Wii today. I plugged it in and fired up my Wii to play a game, but when the Homebrew channel loaded the Hand Icon would not display and if I unplugged it, it functioned normally. But when I plug it back in the hand icon either freezes completely or moves oddly when you move the Wiimote. Please fix this.

With Twilight Hack beta2 Homebrew Channel Installation fails

Maybe I did something wrong but whenever I try to install the homebrew channel, while installing, the installer says "Installing Ticket..............ES add ticket failed. Installation failed. I am using wii menu 3.4U with twilight hack beta2. I need to know what is wrong so I can get my homebrew channel working. I have boot.dol in the root directory of the SD card. I have all the files in the correct place (I think) but I need to know what a ticket is. Please help.