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This is just a preview of a HomeMenu C++ class I'll be releasing soon. It's graphics library independent, so there aren't too many hassles there. It also allows you to associate your own functions to events such as when the menu opens, closes, redraws.

It's coming along well, but some of the stuff isn't implemented yet. It still needs:

  • Sound support for all those warm *bloomph* roll-over sounds
  • Rumble support to make you fell like you're manhandling your wii.

Since I'm not exactly a C++ wizard, I'm hoping folks will help me fix my bigger screw-ups once it's release.

-- MetaFight


Feedback would be greatly appreciated. You can find me in #wiidev and #wiidevot on EFNet, you can email me at the address listed in the game, or you can use the discussion page.


22 March 2009, preview

  • Not yet complete, but you can get the idea.


  • Thanks go to the folks at #grrlib
  • Thanks go to the madness at #wiidevot
  • Thanks to Dykam for code snippets