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Author(s)theStack, lewurm
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hextwelve is a simple Host Controller Driver for both Wiis OHCI controllers, based on Team Twiizers mini/ppcskel (aka BootMii; since all hardware can be accessed directly from the PowerPC due to the AHBPROT hack, we just built on ppcskel and didn't touch any MINI code). As the original goal of the project is just to faciliate the (IOS-independent) usage of an USB keyboard, it currently supports only control and interrupt transfers, which lays the groundwork for supporting other HID class devices as well.


  • simple OHCI driver, supports control and interrupt transfers (through AHBPROT)
  • HID keyboard driver, but only for keyboards that support the boot protocol
  • lsusb-like output for low- and fullspeed devices (per USB gecko only)
  • not so important, but worth mentioning for interested developers: improved ppcskel that can be used as basis for other project, including SHA1 engine support (using AHBPROT) and a simple interrupt handler (including hollywood IRQs)

Maybe more or less easy to achieve

  • a nice keyboard driver ;)
  • mouse support should be easy (assuming it supports the boot protocol)
  • Bulk transfers, so stoarge support could be implemented (save NAND backup to usb stick?)
  • wii mote support, but I think this is far away

Feel free to contribute!



Known Issues

  • Quirk for control transfers: We have to wait about 11ms(!) for the host controller every time we start a control transfer. This is pretty bad, so this needs further review.
  • Sometimes my keyboard won't send characters and just [a-zA-Z0-9] will work. I don't really care atm ;) [fixed, though it's still not working 100% and some keystrokes won't be sent when typing very fast]
  • The last character of a device string get lost (see @ usb gecko output)


  • get compiled ppc file here and copy it on your SD card to /bootmii/ or use a usb gecko to upload it.
    • plug in any low- or fullspeed device to so a lsusb-like output on gecko
    • plug in a usb keyboard. keep in mind, it must support the boot protocol. check it with
 lsusb -v | grep -i boot 
    • type some characters :)
    • press reset button to boot sysmenu
  • source @ github

License & Warnings

GPL2 (derived from ppcskel)


Thanks to

  • Christian El-Salloum - for his kind support and the possibility to use this project as internship at university
  • Team Twiizers & Co. - well, for making homebrew software possible at all, and plenty of other genius hacks, in our case especially BootMii
  • Benedikt Sauter - for his very well written diploma thesis about USB and his "usbport" project which inspired us in writing our usb stack
  • MIKE Kernel Team - for their OHCI kernel code Wii adaptions, especially concerning quirks
  • Linus Torvalds - for creating that genius tool called "git" that we joyfully used as source code management tool for our project, and of course for Linux (see next point)
  • Linux Kernel Team (last, but not least) - for providing and consistently improving such an awesome operating system we use day-to-day, and well, for writing a stable OHCI-driver that helped us in developing our stack


0x12 was the first byte we received through the host controller - it was contained in the response to a (DEVICE) GetDescriptor control transfer request and indicates the length of the whole descriptor, called bLength in the standard (see section 9.6.1 in the USB 2.0 standard document for more informations).