Hexen Wii is a Wii port of Hexen based on the open source HHexen 1.6.1 engine.

Hexen Wii
Ported byArikado
TypeShooting game
LicenceGNU v2
Wiimote1.svg SensorBar.svg ClassicController.svg GameCube Controller
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Loads files from SDHC cards in the Front SD slot USB mass storage device


  • Extract the .zip into your apps folder.
  • Place hexen.wad in apps/hexenwii/
  • Place hexdd.wad in apps/hexenwii/ if you wish to use the expansion
  • NOTE: Heretic needs space in your SD or USB device to write files during the game.


  • NOTE: You can only use GC controls when the Nunchuk and Classic Controller are unplugged from the player 1 wiimote (this is due to interference issues)

Wiimote and Nunchuk Controls

  • Nunchuk stick: move
  • Wiimote IR: turn
  • Hold Nunchuk Z: Run
  • Nunchuk C: Jump
  • Wiimote A: Select menu option / Open door
  • Wiimote B: Shoot
  • Wiimote DPAD: Navigate menu / select weapon
  • Wiimote HOME: Bring up menu
  • Hold Nunchuk Z and Press Wiimote DPAD: Name your savefile with numbers
  • Wiimote + and -: Navigate item selection
  • Wiimote A and B: Use Item / Submit 'Yes' to quit game
  • Wiimote 1: Map

Classic Controller Controls

  • Left Stick: Move / Navigate Menu
  • Right Stick: Turn
  • HOME: Bring up menu
  • Y: Select menu item/use object
  • A: Open
  • B: Fire
  • L/R: Select item
  • X: Jump
  • DPAD: Select weapon / Name your savefile with numbers
  • ZR: Map
  • HOLD ZL: Run

Gamecube Controller Controls

  • Control stick: Move
  • C Stick: Turn
  • START: Open Menu
  • X: Select menu choice / use item
  • Y: Jump
  • A: Fire
  • B: Open Door
  • DPAD: Each button selects a different weapon / Name your savefile with numbers
  • Z: Map
  • R: Select Item
  • HOLD L: Run





  • First public release


Hermes for a few small snippets of source from HHexen that Arikado used in developing the front-end for Hexen Wii.



You can donate to Arikado using the ChipIn widget on his blog : http://arikadosblog.blogspot.com