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Headtracking is a demo based on Johnny Chung Lee's YouTube video.

Place the Wiimote on your TV facing you and hold the sensorbar close to your head. As you move around, the image will pan and zoom accordingly.


Button Action
Wiimote D-Pad Wiimote - Button Wiimote + Button Change variables (see debuginfo)
Wiimote A Button Toggle debuginfo
Wiimote HOME Button Return

As the first Wiimote is probably out of reach by your TV you can also use the second Wiimote for above controls


My code is as free as it can possibly be. Use it, modify it, copy it. Image is made by me and may also be used for anything.


The image can be changed by replacing gfx/view.png and running `raw2c view.png` in the gfx directory If the picture isn't 800x600 make sure you change main.c to compensate (IMAGE_HEIGHT & IMAGE_WIDTH)


The next step would be the 3d room with the floating targets further on in Johnny's video.