Harmony's Nightmare

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Harmony's Nightmare
Author(s)Mr. Reaper
TypePlatform game
LicenceNot specified
[closed and messy Source]

It's a Multi-Genre Platform/Reflex/Puzzle/Horror Survival Game. Though I admit there is very little "puzzle" to it, other than the fact that you have to figure out what to do in a few places. Don't worry, it's not that difficult to figure out -- but it may be very difficult to succeed ;)

This is my entry for the Nintendomax 2012 Wii Dev competition.

Note: I'm linking to someone else's download mirror. If anyone wants to upload it to more mirrors, that would be swell.

Here is one more mirror. I don't know how to make the infobox work with multiple links... http://platonicrobot.com/filehost/specific.php?idnum=181

Gameplay Video

Courtesy of [Cid2Mizard]