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The Hollywood includes an ARM9 core to handle I/O and security, nicknamed the Starlet by fail0verflow, but internally known as the IOP (Input/Output Processor). This is a very interesting piece of hardware, as it basically does everything that makes a Wii different from a GameCube.

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  • NEC ARM926EJ-S SoC. See also ChipWorks.
  • Big endian for compatibility with the Broadway
  • ARM and thumb instruction set
  • Clocked at 243MHz (Hollywood clock)


See also: boot process

Starlet is the first processor to run code in the Wii.

  • Starlet boots from an internal Mask ROM, BOOT0 (about 1300 bytes of code out of 4K possible)
  • boot0 decrypts, verifies, and runs the first few blocks of NAND, BOOT1 (up to the first 48 pages of flash)
  • boot1 locates, loads, decrypts, verifies, and runs BOOT2
  • boot2 bootstrap then loads the embedded ELF file
  • boot2 starts the IOS
  • IOS loads code into the EXI buffer and bootstraps the Broadway


More information about the Starlet: