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| len = 0x10
| len = 0x10
| bits = 32
| bits = 32
| ppcirq = 14
| armirq = 30, 31
| armirq = 31

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Hollywood Registers
Access size32 bits
Byte orderBig Endian
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base function offset description contents/example
0x0D800000 IPC reg 0: request pointer To make an IOS request, the physical address of an IOS command struct is written here by the Broadway. Then, Broadway sets bit 0 of IPC reg 1 to indicate a request is ready.
0x0D800004 IPC reg 1: semaphore flags Broadway sets bits here as "doorbells" to indicate status; Starlet responds by setting flags here.
0x0D800008 IPC reg 2: Reply pointer When an IOS request has completed, IOS will modify the original command struct passed in IPC reg 0, copy that pointer to reg 2, then set reg 1 to 0x14 to indicate a reply is ready.