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  • IBM 'Broadway' 90 nm based on IBM's Power architecture.

Broadway CPU version is 87102 on my Wii, Gekko is 83410. Source: http://forum.wiibrew.org/viewtopic.php?t=210 information about its registers is available


  • ATi 'Hollywood' processor

The Hollywood is a multi-chip package composed of two dies, named Vegas and Napa. Vegas is the GPU, and is also responsible for I/O functions, including memory access. Napa is the DSP, and includes 24 MiB of 1T RAM on the die. Vegas has direct access to 3 MiB of 1T RAM for use as a frame buffer and texture storage.

  • Qimonda HYB18HS1232 64 MiB GDDR3 graphics RAM


  • Elpida S1616AGTA 16-Mbit SDRAM
  • Samsung K9F4G08U0A 65-nm, 4-Gbit NAND flash

File structure for NAND Flash (confirmed items only)
\SHARED2\SYS\NET\DHCP.DAT = IP address, netmask, DNS information from DHCP (if used)
\SHARED2\SYS\NET\02\CONFIG.DAT = WiFI config, WiFi keys are stored as plaintext in this file.
\SHARED2\TEST2\NANDERR.LOG = wearleveling/badsector map for NAND flash
\SHARED2\WC24\NWC24DL.BIN = URLS/configs for channels, weather and so on
\SHARED2\WC24\NWC24FL.BIN = Addressbook/FriendList
\SHARED2\WC24\MBOX\WC24RECV.MBX = received messages
\SHARED2\WC24\MBOX\WC24SEND.MBX = sent messages


  • Broadcom BCM4318 Wi-Fi transceiver
  • Broadcom BCM2045 Bluetooth device connected via USB


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