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This is just a small Front SD ELF loader with a menu, written by svpe, #wiidev@efnet, svpe@gmx.net.

The miniloader is just a quick hack to make this work with trucha discs because the apploader i used didn't seem to support a non-standard entry point.

There are probably still some bugs so don't blame me if something goes wrong.

See COPYING for the license (GNU GPL 2; and _only_ version 2)


Create an "elf" directory (all letters in lower-case, don't include quotes) on your SD card and put all your ELF files in there. Load the tp-hack-loader.elf with the twilight hack or the trucha-disc-loader.dol with a trucha signed disc.

If you want to compile it yourself you just need to type 'make' in the root directory. Precompiled elf and dol binaries are included.


This application is NOT PAL-friendly. No matter which mode your Wii is in, it will boot all applications into NTSC. Have an NTSC-compatible TV to use this. This should be fixed with version 0.2.


  • Internal SD stuff by bushing, marcan and maybe some more people. I just reversed the twilight hack elf loader.
  • FatFs by elm-chan.org.
  • ELF loading code taken from Geckoloader by dhewg, #wiidev at efnet. Written by dhewg, tmbinc and William L. Pitts
  • People from #wiidev who helped me with a few problems ;)


  • v0.2a
    • Wiimote shutdown code from this wiki added
  • v0.2
    • Video mode detection (should work on PAL TVs now)
    • Faster ELF loading due to removed debug printfs